Secondhand Serenade Lyrics

Over the last few years, the music industry has evolved in
a way which allows the common man with extraordinary
talents, to rise above the sea of similarity, and stand on
his own as the voice of a generation. A generation that is
fueled by heart, emotion, passion and determination.

And that man has come to surface as Secondhand Serenade...

Born into a family of musicians, John Vesely has taken the
gift he was instilled with, and shaped it into his own.
With the help of his father, a professional jazz musician
for over 20 years in the More...

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Review about Secondhand Serenade songs
painful | Reviewer: noopur
    ------ About the song Like A Knife performed by Secondhand Serenade

This song was dedicated to me by my ex bf after 4 mnths of break up. after listening this song i question my decision again and again. but i am firm now its sad how these songs r so painful and powerful to make u doubt your decisions.

what a song :) | Reviewer: Arshad
    ------ About the song Fall For You performed by Secondhand Serenade

trust me this song always make my day when im pissed with my girl friend and it also reminds me of her when she is sleeping or at school ;) love this song and hoping for more songs like this :) good luck :)

perfect | Reviewer: Alli
    ------ About the song A Twist In My Story performed by Secondhand Serenade

amazing song that makes me cry for my past, one of those cries for bittersweet memories of him. its one of my favorite songs to sing, in fact the wnole album is amazing. especially the acoustic version.

fall for you | Reviewer: joana_zerö
    ------ About the song Your Call performed by Secondhand Serenade

so much luv that s0ng bc0z its 0ur thems0ng of my husband,i can relate dis s0ng,wen me nd my b0y had fight i wil listen 2 ds s0ng nd make me rmmber d hapy nd sad m0ments with him,nd my hsbnd sing ds s0ng n videoki wen had quarel or n0t.h0w funy but luv it,ds s0ng s part of my life dat cant 4get.tnx sec0nd serenade.

Is it love? Or just friendship? | Reviewer: Affrayd
    ------ About the song Your Call performed by Secondhand Serenade

I never really listened diz song be4 until one o' ma friend gave it 2 me.We spend times singing, i played guitar 4 her, n she asked me 2 listen diz PARTICULAR song. But i dont really knw wether its be'coz she want me to hear the lyrics out. Im still confused! If she ever liked me, i sure am in love wit her.. She sings well, but too good to be mine. Thats why im stil not persuaded dat she'd like me. Im just her guitarist,nothing more. But dis song is amazing and explain everything. Itz totally awesome..!!

Why can't you see | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Take Me With You performed by Secondhand Serenade

I wish you can see what I feel for you, you have given me so
Much hope and I want to share that with you. Everyday I cannot stop thinking about you, your constantly running around in my head. Because youre the only person that has treated me go genuinely, it amazes me how one person can lift me from hell and given me a taste of heaven. I want you so bad, I want to breathe the same air as you. I want to be yours. I hope one day it will come true. 

why did i have to love u?? | Reviewer: Marie
    ------ About the song Why performed by Secondhand Serenade

I love this song so reminds me how i used to love a guy so much and now i have no feelings for him..:`( i want to have feelings for him again but even if i try i cant feel anything.. i miss him soo much </3

Just saying | Reviewer: Ivro
    ------ About the song It's Not Over performed by Secondhand Serenade

This song tells us about someone who has broken up with their company. For the first, they are in phase that really realize everything is over. They know they can get through it. But then, everything seems so wrong. They finally are being on another phase which tells us that they change their feelings. They can't even believe that everything is over. They sing that "it's not over". This songs suits to someone who is hard to forget someone that means a lot to her/him. What a song. Enjoying this a lotta times, me likey this. Sincerely, Ivro from Indonesia ;)

is it a call? | Reviewer: Arbiansyah Adi Pratama
    ------ About the song Your Call performed by Secondhand Serenade

is it a call or just a feeling? when I 1st heard this song directly I love it much.ofcourse it's not related to a gay the same day when I 1st heard this song I met a boy in early summer on july (in Indonesia).I recognized it well.I felt that we were connected each other.every single clue that I got about him is always be makes me confuse it a sign that he'll be mine?is it a call?or just a feeling? was I born to say him "I love you"... only God knows!!

GO BUT THE ALBUM | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song End performed by Secondhand Serenade

IN FACT! This IS End by secondhand serenade. And if you want the song... Just go out and purchase the "Awake" album! Its as simple as that! It has like 5 lines, but this song is so relaxing... and its amazing! SHS!!!

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