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Yo Gotti Second Chances Lyrics

Last updated: 09/24/2012 04:45:49 AM

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Baby mama left a nigga, got another man
You work out and try to come back and geta second chance
Second chance, second chance
Yeah I love that ass to death but ain't no second chance
If I fucked off with your friend
Would I get a second chance?
Guess I fuck too many hoes I need a second chance
Second chance, second chance
Seh may love your ass to death btu ain't no second chance

See bitches think there slick but then they act like niggas
Gon fuck off and then come back and act all sentimental
Pack your bags get out my house you knw the bizz,
And you better not have no nigga round my fucking kids
See loyalty's a must and trust is all we have
And I'm a street nigga so you know the math
Don't put me in no shit cause you know what I woll do
And if a nigga know my business I may have to kill you
Street code, freak home, fuck a bitch, anythign goes
I think I fuck too many hoes, it's come on maybe
Finally got the one I like and she gon drive me crazy


It goes once upon a time, I was on my grind
Yeah I fucked a couple hoes
Yeah she caught a nigga lying
Then I went out on the road,
Then she want to pay me back,
So she fucked another nigga,
When I get back I'm a kill her (damn)
Gave that hoe the world, she had my lil girl,
Got a nigga hot, put me on the spot (damn)
Guess that's what I get get
Nigga round my bitch bitch
One thing bout it though we never working out shit bitch
I guess I fuck too many hoes,
It's come on maybe
Finally got the one I like
And she gon drive me crazy

[Hook x2]

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