Seasick Steve Albums

  • Walkin' Man: The Best Of Seasick Steve Album (11/14/2011)
    Dog House Boogie
    Cheap lyrics
    I Started Out With Nothin'
    Diddley Bo
    Happy Man
    Cut My Wings
    St Louis Slim
    8 - Ball
    Don't Know Why She Loves Me But She Do
    Walkin' Man
    You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks
    Fallen Off A Rock
    The Banjo Song
    Never Go West
    My Donny
    Prospect Lane
    Xmas Prison Blues
    That's All

  • Dog House Music Album (11/27/2006)
    Yellow Dog
    Things Go Up
    Cut My Wings
    Fallen Off A Rock
    Dog House Boogie
    Save Me
    Hobo Low
    Shirly Lou
    My Donny
    The Dead Song
    Last Po'man
    Salem Blues
    I'm Gone
    12 Dog Blues

  • Cheap Album (4/1/2004)
    Rockin' Chair
    Hobo Blues
    Story #1
    Sorry Mr. Jesus
    Love Thang
    Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
    Story #2
    8 Ball
    Xmas Prison Blues
    Levi Song
    Rooster Blues
    The Last Song Is About A Rooster Who Ain't Alive No Mo'...

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