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Ever since his impressive single debut "Baby Girl" in the
spring of 1996 for producer Jeremy Harding on the 2 Hard
Records label, Sean Paul has captured the eyes and ears of
the Dancehall community as "...the one to watch". Born to a
Portuguese-Jamaican father and a Chinese-Jamaican mother,
Sean Paul Henriques grew up known to his friends as the
"copper- color Chiney bwoy...", excelling in sports in his
teen years. Sean played water polo for the Jamaica National
team as well as representing his country in swimming in the
1989 and More...

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Review about Sean Paul songs
i cant believe no one wrote a review on this song.its AMAZIN!!! | Reviewer: jazzy
    ------ About the song Other Side Of Love performed by Sean Paul

im IN LOVE with this song.its really has a catchy beat to it.and its a good song to dance to.wat bothers me is some of the lyrics r wrong and in the first verse,they missed a few lines.i REALLY want to learn this song of by heart and i cant do that if the're a few lines missin:(.

Spirituality | Reviewer: Ras issachar
    ------ About the song Never Gonna Be The Same performed by Sean Paul

Mi giving tnx to di almighty holy emmanuel i Selassie i Jah Rastafari for giving mi brother the strength in mind to wrote a song that relate to the people's emotions Yeah dat's it. A tribute to al those loved ones who hv passed on we'll never forget you. Jah bless us all

Temperature | Reviewer: Nozomi
    ------ About the song Temperature performed by Sean Paul

I enjoy the song. And for those of you who are having trouble identifying the music beat, as well as those who think it is rap, I have something to say. My father has listened to more music types than anyone else I know. Therefore I learned from him the beat is in fact Reggae. Why it is put on rap albums I know not. But believe me it is Reggae.

Sucker | Reviewer: Taio Cruz
    ------ About the song Temperature performed by Sean Paul

This song is awesome but Sean Paul I'll tell u one thing u suck im my name is taio Cruz and my songs and me are really good and way way. More famous than u . I've got like 66666660000000fame and u have only got like 4567 fame

reggae | Reviewer: axg
    ------ About the song Gimme The Light performed by Sean Paul

to miss sarah,
u don't understand because ur not jamaican or don't understand when we speak.....don't call it rubbish cuz u dont understand. u wouldn't do it to a spanish song so don't do it to reggae. it's wrong and not tactful

Hi, u perfomed well in Rwanda | Reviewer: emma dennis
    ------ About the song Like Glue performed by Sean Paul

am rwandese always wish u favor from God man.
while u were here in Rwanda u made crazy large of our sex beoutyful gils, several of them got emotionally disturbed, cause of to see you man. we wish if u back we'll give you rwandan girl for fuck man. just still think about

Morons. | Reviewer: You are an idiot.
    ------ About the song We be Burnin performed by Sean Paul

Of course they are words. No one would really just make a song and put a bunch of sounds in there that aren't really words. Just because he has an accent and sings differently doesn't mean that what he says is saying is gibberish. Shut the hell up and learn some crap about the world before you try to tell us about grammar and pronunciation.

huh? | Reviewer: omar
    ------ About the song We be Burnin performed by Sean Paul

well i think i don't understand anything but the beat is awesome the lyrics are well organized no matter what it says lol(i understand but not all )
and his accent is what making the song rocks imagine a normal dude singing that XD

One of my fav. reggae songs | Reviewer: Zee
    ------ About the song Gimme The Light performed by Sean Paul

It's a GREAT song and I love dancing to it. As far as Sarah thinking it's rubbish.. I bet you listen to pop songs and that's it. Leave the reviews for the real reggae lovers who know whats going on and what's being said.

Never gonna be the same ..............RIP Dad | Reviewer: Abraham pacifico
    ------ About the song Never Gonna Be The Same performed by Sean Paul

what a wonderful song, remind me of my dad. word can not express how I feel when I lost him. great lyrics- thanx sean paul for this great song continue workin. wishin good luck on ur career. Can't wait to see again Dad.

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