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The force of my love was strong. The sea lion lay down long. Song in the air. Why should singer care? When singer can be among song.

Ma, Ma--look what i did, Ma. Look what i did to my hands, I broke 'em.
You gave me the stone, gave me the chisel, didn't say how to hold 'em.
Didn't say to give away every piece of the puzzle 'til i was left with nothin'.
But i took it upon myself to crush it up and distribute the dust.
Get in the bus. Hop in the van. Jump in the water. Crawl to the land.
Build another castle out of sand. Break it down and then get into the saddle again.
I'm going city to city - i'm already lost. Tell the boss who is new in town.
I'll ride this horse 'til it it bucks me off and i'm forced to shoot it down.
I'll take him out for some gasoline. Trade this cow for some magic beans.
Gonna make mom proud of the deals that I made, 'cause I'm just a modern day Johnny Appleseed
But i'm glad that I never passed the genes, and I never put down the axe.
Piano man got a checkered dance floor to grace and a painful look on his face.
'Cause the crowd is packed and the louder they clap
the less he is able to make the connection between what he sees
when he hears certain notes and the hurt that is shown in his facial expression. Ahhhhhh.
I don't need your "go ahead" to go ahead. No, I know no one said it was gonna be easy,
but sweet jesus who wants to sleep with me?
Way too many moves to learn. Not enough people to put 'em on.
Look it, mom! No hands. I built this suit of armor with wooden arms.

The force of my love was strong. The sea lion lay down long. Song in the air. Why should singer care? When singer can be among song.

Oh God I think I’m dead
I can’t see outside my head
Brains and bloods and cryptic gang men
Czars and warlords breaking bread
Thoughts are thought
What’s said is said
I thought that ‘fore you said it
I didn’t mean to think out loud
My tongue slipped but who let it?
Let it be, let me be, let me go, nah let me out
My manhood nods and whispers when my father screams and shouts
Dear dad I’m sad you’re dead
A new man standing in the pulpit
He bows before a wooden cross and forces praise the culprit
I’m a tenor in the choir but I sing a different song
Of how the wheres and whys of now all prove I don’t belong
But I’m staying I've planted seeds and plan to watch them grow
I've watered all my wishes dreams fulfilled more seeds to sow
And I promise to learn to love the way I've learned to fear
To unknot all the inhibitions tangled in my hair
To let my ego mound in piles around the barber chair
And make a graceful exit from my vexed troubled years
I've decided I've been invited to my own resort
Where knights can leave their armor neatly piled by the door
And every woman, child, and man will gather by the shore
and study how sea lions swim in cursive

The force of my love was strong. The sea lion lay down long. Song in the air. Why should singer care? When singer can be among song.

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Damn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/12

seriously a guy gave a great comment then followed it up with an Idk why the song is named about the lyrics in the song? the 7th and 8th words= "SEA LION". dont look into the names of songs thats like a fraction of what the song is about

Emotional content | Reviewer: Onepostthenquit | 11/13/09

I'm not sure i'd call it punk attitude, The style I wouldn't call an anti-establishment hammer. But I agree he's incredible. It is very rare that there are two artists in the same genre comfortable enough to actually share their insecurities, triumphs, and childhood baggage with the world, much less in the same song. Saul is very well known and respected for his ability to speak what he sees, and given his history he's seen alot. Now I'll be adding Sage to my playlist for sure.

confused about the second verse | Reviewer: colin | 7/21/08

I have never got this song with the lyrics in the second verse? can someone shed light on where those lyrics are from? All the live versions I have have Swam Burger for the second verse, but those are obviously not the same lyrics. Please help!

You guys are fuck tards | Reviewer: David | 1/12/08

The song is about being an individualist, and he shows this through his life story.

A singer can hide behind his music becuase so many fucking tards listen to the beats and mindless sing the song's lyrics.

His mother gave him a childhood which symbolizes his birth and the things that his mother gave him. But she didn't do jack and he hates her for it. The lines "Hop in the van. Jump in the water. Crawl to the land." are examples of the shit he did himself without the help of his mother/parents.

The next part about going to town is his entreprenuership and going out to make his own money with no help. Johhnny Appleseed brought seeds from Pennsylvania to plant in the mid-west. Thus a methphor for his life.

The genes are the genes of society's norms, which are bad.

The crowd clapping is a methapor for people's inablity to show themselves in society. and his facial expression of confusion parrallels what people are feeling.

The dont' need your go ahead quote means to do things by yourself.

Like what i'm doing for you. Figure it out bitches.

Sealions are lazy and hes just givin u an example of a lazy animal that symobolizes peoples inablity to do anything by themselves.

seems a little too simple but.. | Reviewer: marina | 1/11/08

seems a little too simple but
in my ideas.. it's just he experiences insecurity and confusion (or lost-ness?) through his whole life bc of what his mom did..or didn't do to him as a child..
wow, that was really interesting kylie.
and stevo,i'm not sure what you mean about pinnochio.. but as for the 'metal suit' i think it just means his new "hard exterior" because of his past. :D

Why Sea Lion? | Reviewer: Hyrule | 9/6/07

The name of the song most likely came from sea lion's. Because when a sea lion is born the mom leaves it no matter what sea lion it is, the mom always leaves it's baby sea lion when it's born.
Great song by the way =]

What it is about | Reviewer: Kylie | 8/21/07

as a young child, he spent most of his time locked in his parent's closet. he started rapping using one of those kids tape recorders. thats why at the end you hear the mom say "now press stop" and all that. this song is about how he tried to do everything to please his parents and never was able to please them. no clue where the title of the song came from though. but ya, this is the sotry of this song and his child hood.

if you like this song, you should listen to his song Sun Vs. Moon.

what i think its about | Reviewer: Stevo | 5/5/07

seems to me like the lines at the beginning and the end are referring to an entire generation, maybe his, about a people who lack guidence, and struggle for a place in the world. like those on the streets and stuff. the last words seem to me like an allusion to Pinochio. maybe the suit of armor is just how they're showing themselves on the outside, when they know on the inside, they're still struggling to be something else, thier own ideas of a "real boy" perhaps.

what its about | Reviewer: janelle | 3/28/07

man this song rox awsome. and its about sea lions... im guessing lol and the nonsence talking at the end is confusing
lol anyway hope it helped, lol

great song | Reviewer: goose | 3/22/07

i have no idea what its about, can someone shed some light?

Sage Francis OWns | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/07

I love sage francis and i love this song but you need to add Saul's lyrics to the lyrics of this

Best Song on Album | Reviewer: Renzo | 12/16/05

Hey cats... this song is so awesome!!! Rap? Yep! But check out that punk attitude in his song(s)... I always thought that Indie Rappers are the better punks then today's punks... you know them, thinking about the idea in the 70's but putting it totally wrong... get them hot songs by Sage Francis aka Xaul Xan... he is the best word-smith worldwide, saw him live twice, once in Dublin, once in Zurich... he is a man of his own... His concerts are dope, his energy is raw... he acts like an actor on stage putting himself into each song 100%...

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