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The Shins Sea Legs Lyrics

Last updated: 01/11/2012 10:00:00 AM

Of all the churning random hearts
Under the sun
Eventually fading into night,
These two are opening now
As we lie, I touch you
Under fuller light.

Girl, if you're a seascape
I'm a listing boat, for the thing carries every hope.
I invest in a single light.
The choice is yours to be loved
Come away from an emptier boat.

'Cause when the dead moon
Rises again
We've no time to start a protocol
To have us in.
And when the dog slides
Underneath a train,
There's no cry, no use to searching for
What mutts remain.

Throw all consequence aside
The chill aspire, people set alight.

Of all the intersecting lines in the sand
I routed a labyrinth to your lap.
I never used a map sliding off the land
On an incidental tide,
And along the way you know, they try
They try.

And we got sea legs
And we're off tonight
Can I've that to which they've no right?
You belong to a simpler time
I'm a victim to the impact of these words,
And this rhyme.

'Cause when that dead moon
Rises again
We've no time to start a protocol
To have us in.
And when the dog slides,
Open the door, and where'd she go?
There's no time, no use to searching for
The mutts remains.

Throw consequence aside
And the chill aspire, people set alight.

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It's like being carried on waves... | Reviewer: Justine | 3/21/10

The way this song is sung.. it's incredible. It's like you're being carried up and down on the waves, especially at the parts "to hem us in" and "the mutt's remains." It adds that much more to the song's profound effect.

light and luscious | Reviewer: marree | 5/8/09

falling in lust- sweet, and airily warm. this song is all about Cavan and trying him for the first time. very imaginative and risky. the music floats and dips. this album is very different from their earlier stuff, but wonderfully deeper.

New but good | Reviewer: CJ | 12/11/08

I believe that the above poster Chris sums this up perfectly in that, although the songs are very much so different that the more pop-ish style of earlier albums. This is indeed one of the most both introspective yet still musically pleasing albums I've heard in a while. Not one bad song.

wonderful | Reviewer: michael | 1/30/08

This song is sultry, sexy, and dreamy. The music is creative, very ingenious use of changes and rhythm. The backdrop fills the gaps in the rhythm nicely. The vocals are impeccably perfect for the poignant words of discovering love.

Reminds me of New Order | Reviewer: Chris | 6/6/07

That was my first though when I heard it. And that is very cool. Like much of this CD you find yourself going "This is very different from Chutes Too Narrow, this is a little out there in fact, and I like it."