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Muse Screenager Lyrics

Last updated: 03/29/2011 11:00:00 AM

Who's so phoney and always surrounded
Stop your screaming, no one can hear
All the scars on your skin, post no bills

Who you were
Was so beautiful
Remember who... who you were

Hide from the mirror, the cracks and the memories
Hide from your family, they won't know you now
For all the holes in our souls host no thrills

Who you were
Was so beautiful
Memories who... who you were

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Still pops in my head | Reviewer: krillarbran | 3/28/11

Wow, been a long time since I listened to "Screenager". Loved it when I first heard it and still love it now. The tune just randomly popped in my head. Couldn't even remember the name of the song until I searched a few lyrics I remembered.

I have always wondered the meaning of the lyrics "post no bills" up until now. I think I have figured it out. I was wondering if there is meant to be a comma between "All the scars on your skin" and "post no bills", because if it was taken away, the lyric "All the scars on your skin post no bills" then it makes sense. Bills can be used as another word for advertisements. So this is what it could be, "All the scars on your skin post no advertisements". It goes with the rest of the lyrics.

So with this I believe "Screenager" is telling me... the lyrics are telling me to stop living in the past, stop showing and telling everyone your past problems and sacrifices and using it as shield against who you really are, noone really cares anyway, you were once beautiful and you can be beautiful again, get on with life looking ahead and not backwards.

screenager. | Reviewer: elcee. | 7/25/10

The title itself is an equivoque of the word 'teenager'. I think that the song is trying to point out that the young people of our generation are growing up around screens - computer screens, TV screens, and, even more symbolically, screening out the things that other people have determined are too 'mature' for them to see.

I think Matt wrote this song to express just how he felt when he was younger, growing up in a world that was changing right in front of him. It sounds to me like he's singing about the point in your life where you're expected to act like an adult but you're still treated like a child, and you'd do anything to get the right kind of attention.

Okay, ramblefest over. I love this song. It's such a lovely song to fall asleep to. :)

what i think of the song | Reviewer: Naomi | 6/9/10

i love this song, its so beautiful the song flows and matthews voice is so graceful. but if u really listen and work deeper into the song u see a true meaning. i think matt makes his songs so everyone has their own opinion on what its talking about. thats why i love muse so much

i think this song i deffinetly about a teenager who feels depressed and led to self harming. and the song is trying to tell them to remember who they were before, the 'beautiful' person they were. the song is reaching out to them and telling them to be happy. 'the cracks in the memories' somethin bad has happened to this person and they need to try to move on

i never commented on one of these before, sorry if i talked a load of rubbish

hmm | Reviewer: Dawn | 5/28/10

i picture an aging actress...looking back at how she was.. screen and post no bills (her beauty can no longer cover her facade- her behavior/personality uncovers itself with her deterioration) i guess is what made me think that..but really it can be said about anyone getting older..losing thier vanity, thier identity. whatever it means i love it. hulabaloo2 live version is especially nice!!

Review about Screenager #2 | Reviewer: Linny | 5/21/10

First of all: Awesome song! :)

Not that I could not agree with your interpretation... But when I listened to the song, knowing the title was "screenager", I had to think about young people going through a rough puberty, hiding behind their computers or tvs.

They used to be happy but now they are depressed and unfulfilled. (Didn't we all more or less feel that way as teenager?)

20 years ago you were passing that phase and everything was fine but today you have so many opportunities with the internet and all that shit that you won't stop sitting behind the screen.. somehow it helps you dealing with your problems.. but actually it does not... it just hides em and you get stuck in a vicious circle...

That's why I thought they called the song screenager...

:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/10

Screenager rhymes with teenager innit? It sounds to me like he's singing about a teen with depression (all the scars on your skin), who hates her image and shuts herself away from family and reality. She's struggling in keeping herself together, "remember who... who you were."

Heck, sounds weird XD. What's with the "post no bills" anyway?

Meaning, just off the top of my head | Reviewer: BLT | 4/5/10

I'm going through and writting all the lyrics because I'm a brand new fan. (attended the recent concert, omgsh! Epic!!)
Sounds to me:

You've changed. No one knows you anymore. You're not exactly a good version of yourself either. Unpretty in words or deeds, so much so that the glass has shattered. You don't even know yourself.

Remember who you were and how beautiful that person was. Strive to be better then you are now.

I might be wrong, but just listening to the song for the first time and not looking up actual meanings anywhere else, this is what I get.

Happy New Year xD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/09

It caused me to ponder the symbolic meaning behind the song, to find it to be completely perfect for my current mood and the fact that I pressed "shuffle" on my iPod and this came on, as an answer to a question I had just asked...

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/07

The way 'who you were' sounds like one word, all the ornaments he uses in the melody, and the way the guitar just reappears, this is a beautiful song.