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Linkin Park Screaming At Space Lyrics

Last updated: 07/05/2007 11:00:00 AM

I would have sailed away
If I'd known that nothing would change
staring out my window sill
In my wasted prison cell

And I know what you want
And I know what you fear
As I cradle your loving
And watch you disappear

And I feel your heartbeat
Pounding in my head
I like to control you
Cause I can't control myself

Come my way
Mold my head
Like a ball of clay
Softly wither into my grave
Never to see, the sun again


All alone in a crowd by myself
So sorry,wish I could find a way
Back into your hole again
But I've become your enemy


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Screaming At Space, Linkin Park? | Reviewer: Maze | 7/5/2007

This song is not by Linkin Park, its by Grey Daze which is Chester's band before LP

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