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Well all my life this music saved me
I can't afford no therapy
My Frustration it needs release, so cut me open and hear me bleed
Playing Punk It Keeps Me Sane
Don't need drugs to numb the pain
It keeps me alive, I hope it helps you
I won't let your worthless America Ruin Me

I'm screaming out, somebody listen,
It feels so good
This Therapy
I'm screaming out, somebody listen,
It feels so good
This Therapy

I lost control and hurt myself
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I knew deep down that I needed some help
That self-abuse it would not stop,
No matter how hard I tried
So I Lied And I tried to pull my life together
Am I Going Insane?
Think Again
I just Got So Fed Up With Being Unstable

I'm screaming out,
Somebody Listen,
It Feels So Good,
This Therapy! [x8]

I'm screaming out!
I'm screaming out!
I'm screaming out!
I'm screaming out!
I'm screaming out!
I'm screaming out!
I'm screaming out!
Get Me Some Help!

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Let's put this to rest... | Reviewer: Cliff | 11/11/12

... once and for all, The Offspring are not now, nor were they EVER a "punk" band. Sorry, kids- I speak the truth. They played on the same bills as punk bands, true, but when they played, people decided to go outside to drink or have a smoke with their friends and gear up for the NEXT band. I remember one night, we were in Garden Grove at at warehouse where a couple of bands were supposed to play but the gig got cancelled for whatever reason. We were milling about trying to decide what was available on short notice and someone says, "Hey, there's a party in Westminster... The Offspring is playing", and we're like, "Uh... yeah, we'll just go home...", and everyone else pretty much did the same. That's just the way it was, guys- you can like them, idolize them, anything you want, but they just weren't "punk". The pisser for older guys like me and anyone else who was in the scene is that all of a sudden, these guys staked a claim to something they weren't a part of. That's kind of low, especially since the scene was pretty much dead by the time they made it big, and no one in the media was savvy enough to call them on it.

None of you | Reviewer: No one fucking cares | 6/21/12

I'm amused how you guys are all do entertained with trying to classify music like the government classifies races.

True punks don't give two flying fucks.

Therefore none of you who are classifying these bands are punk.

Go home to mommy and draw fake tattoos on your arms.

dumb pricks | Reviewer: sk8terpunk | 12/11/10

haha i love how you just said offspring was punk and blink 182 wasnt punk. i cant stand pop punk and blink 182 definately isnt. maybe a couple songs. and this is coming from a black flag misfits and dead kennedys fan

G'day | Reviewer: dafaf | 7/14/08

Most people here probably didn't ever really listen to The Offspring but base their opinion on the few songs they have heard. To get a good opinion on The Offspring you really need to here every song on every album because it is a very deverse band who make great music. But one thing is for sure, The Offspring is NOT, and NEVER was, and sure thing, NEVER will be: A pop-punk band. Pop-punk bands are blink-182, Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan.. The Offspring sound nothing like that, and is a real punk-band with Metal and Alt. Rock influences. Listen to everything and you'll know..

Offspring wtf? | Reviewer: Billy | 4/14/08

Offspring isn't punk. It's pop punk / alternative. I wouldn't go as far to say that the unseen is punk in it's purest form though. But the Offspring? LOL. Fucking poser punk. I bet you Offspring fans love you some Green Day too am I right?

great | Reviewer: kevo | 12/15/07

this song is amazing.the unseen are sweet as fuck and everyone needs to listen to them. they might be punk, emo, screamo, whatever you wanna call it who cares, just listen to the fucking music

The unseen in general | Reviewer: Naish | 11/6/07

When i first heard the Unseen i didnt know what to think. They had a mix of sceaming and punk beats. I have always listened to them and have always thought of there music of a mix of Tiger Army and a little harder, screaming vocals. Scream out is a very appealing song that expresses feelings in a form of a famous song now days. Also there version of paint it black is veryy good!

wtf is nick talking about | Reviewer: tillo | 9/14/07

ok that is a fact that you cant compare the unseen with the offspring, but the offspring is not an alternative/punk nothing. they are skatepunk dont mess up with that there were a lot of groups in that line like millencolin, nofx and the best seller of all them the offspring. anyway i just wanted to say that couse i dont like you to be talking like that bye

Unseen vs. Offsrping | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/07

Why catagorize music. Does it matter what genre it is? Music is a personal preference and just listen to it for what it is.

scremo/emo and punk | Reviewer: tyr | 7/25/07

um punk does not have any scremo/emo in it becuase emo is a bunch of winey bitch boys and punk is the exact opposite scremo is when there complaining and screaming and when punk screams its screaming about somehting that there not wining about there enforcing it in which punk has no scremo/emo in it at all.

Unseen vs. Offspring | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/07

Yeah, honestly, how the hell could you even compare the Unseen and the Offspring? Nick categorized the Offspring perfectly by saying they were alternative/pop-punk just like most "punk" bands today. But i didn't really like how he said the Unseen is punk in it's purest form. For punk in it's purest form you'd have to go back to the 70s for punk bands such as The Ramones, The Clash, etc. The Unseen is hardcore punk with a new age emo/screamo side. For even true original hardcore punk bands you would need to go back to the 80's mostly. With the exception of bands like the Sex Pistols in the 70s. And then in the 80s there were bands like the Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, etc. If you want to know about the history of punk watch American Hardcore. It was put together really well and talks about true punk even beyond the music itself but in the lifestyles

Offspring vs. Unseen | Reviewer: Jordan | 7/9/07

I agree with Nick. how can you even compare the two? He categorized the Offspring perfectly. Alternative/pop-punk. However, i don't view the Unseen as punk in it's purest form. For that you would need to go to the 70's and 80's with bands like The Clash, The Ramones, etc. The Unseen is more of modern-day hardcore punk with a screamo/emo side to it. For true hardcore punk you would need to go mostly to the 80's with the exception of the Sex Pistols in the 70's. But as for the 80's hardcore punk scene it would mostly consist of Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, Circle Jerks, Black Flag, etc. That's where you find punk in it's purest form. And as for modern punk it's hard to say what has the closest ties to original punk because they're all influenced by other styles. And also, punk bands in the 80s never expected to get big off what they were doing. Now punk bands know they can make lots of money and that influences them a lot also. Anti-Flag has a lot of ties to original punk although they kind of piss me off because their lyrics are always about the same political shit and they get kind of whiny after a while.

Offspring vs Unseen | Reviewer: Nick | 4/8/07

How can you remotely compare two different styles of music? Offspring isn't really punk, more like an alternative/pop-punk hybrid, while The Unseen is punk in it's purest form. Most people can relate to The Unseen's angsty lyrics, I cannot give The Offspring the same respect.. For me their lyrics and instrumentals are often shallow and lackluster.

Offspring Vs. Unseen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/06

Yes the unseen are better than sum 41 and blink 182. They are less about what they think ppl want to hear and more about the sound and lyrics that process through thier minds while developing the song. However how could you ever even think of comparing offspring and unseen??? honestly the sound and feeling while your listening to unseen is heart grasping and you can relate and understand...not saying offspring doesn't do that but it is in a complete and utter difference to the unseen. thumbs up to both bands but lets try not to compare them.

Sort of good... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/6/05

The Unseen, like any famous punk band around right now, are, at least in part, a knockoff of The Offspring, the best band ever to come into existence. However, the Unseen have more of the punk spirit then complete ripoff bands such as Sum 41 and Blink 182, and this song demonstrates that in some ways. Give it a try. Then listen to The Offspring, if you don't already. You should.

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