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Acid Bath Scream Of The Butterfly Lyrics

Last updated: 10/29/2013 06:43:00 AM

A creature made of sunshine
Her eyes were like the sky
Rabbit howls like something old as we twitch to her lullaby
The scalpel shines in god's sunshine
Street lights whisper pain
Down here near the poison stream our god has gone insane

She smiles like a child with flowers in her hair
With blood on her hands into the sun she stares
She feels it die, I heard her cry (verse x2)

Like the scream of the butterfly

Sunshine a house in flames
She likes it where she gets it but it's never felt the same
Surgery in the house of dissection
When your candle burns out I will resurrect you
She runs through fields of daisies
Yeah it's just a shame that they eat their own babies
Who cares cause the air is free
When you get there will you kiss the dead for me?

There's blood on the moon and the summer is cold
There's love in the room but baby that's gettin' old
There's blood on my face sittin' on a dead shore
A highway of emptiness and I'm gettin' bored

There's blood on the moon as we plan our escape
The goddess in bloom, handcuffed and raped
There's blood in the bathtub, baby, murder the king
There's blood on the moon
There's blood on just about everything

Sunshine a house in flames
She likes it where she gets it but it's never felt the same
Surgery in the house of dissection
When your candle burns out I will resurrect you
She runs through fields of daisies
Yeah it's just a shame that they eat their own babies
Who cares? 'Cause the air is free
When you get there will you kiss the dead for me?

Something cold is forced inside her
A tear spills down her cheek
Stillborn songs of a dead dreamer
Hymns of the needle freak
With sunlight in her hair she smiles like she don't care
Her dreams are liquid blue
I cut myself again and again to remind myself of you

She smiles like a child with flowers in her hair
With blood on her hands into the sun she stares
She feels it die, I heard her cry (verse x2)

Like the scream of the butterfly (x2)

I met an angel with a sawed-off shotgun
Wanted by the FBI
We dropped some acid, killed our parents
Then we hit the road
Like the scream of the butterfly (x4)

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My Personal Interpretation | Reviewer: BlackSpiralDancer1 | 10/28/13

I'll have a description of each verse in one solid paragraph (eg. Verse 1 = Paragraph 1 Verse 2= Paragraph 2 ect.)

I am like "a creature made of sunshine"; I am perceived to be... good, and happy, and warm; to be made of sunshine; my eyes are like the sky; blueish, but also wide and open; like my mind's eye. I am open eyed and open-minded; vast and accepting of all things. "Rabbit howls... lullaby". Rabbits don't howl, but because I am here, the abnormal happens; like in old mythology and legends, when an abnormal person, like a witch or something, is nearby, all that is normal changes to what others perceive to be abnormal. "The scalpel... whisper pain". My scalpel is not one that can be held in a human hand; my scalpel that does me harm is the one of my mind. My self punishment. It shine's in God's sunshine because he can see it and it's in the open; anyone can see it, but only he can see it truly. Street lights mean the night; like at night when I go for walks and thus is most dominantly when "the scalpel shines" in the light that apparently only he can see in. It's dramatic in a sense because I feel like the street lights symbolize my loneliness; my pain. The pain in my head. "Down here... gone insane". "Down here" is down on Earth; the "poison stream" is all of humanity, and my mind (not that I'm comparing it in ANY way to God; not really, but in the sense that my mind controls me and my actions; in a sense my body's god... ya know?) has gone insane; my mind is messed up now from the poison stream; humanity and it's cruelty and it's ways.

I smile like a child with flowers in my hair; make it like I am alright. That I'm happy. That I am innocent. But the blood on my hands are my sins; my lies, my deceit, my pain... all of my sins and darkness. I stare into the sun; into God's light. I feel it die by the fact that with each day I feel I grow further and further from Him; that I will not get to Heaven. And I cry because of that... "Like the scream of the butterfly"; I, the perceptive 'butterfly'; a 'creature made of sunshine'... My scream is unheard; unnoticed; thought to be small and beautiful.

The "Sunshine a house in flames" is... once again me and my mind; the house in my head; My goodness and happiness and warmth... though it's perceived to be sunshine; that I am 'sunshine'... that 'sunshine' is really my burning, flaming anger; this house that shines so bright like sunshine is really just the flames of my darkness. "She likes... the same" is that I like the attention and thoughts of others to think that I'm a good and happy person, but it feels different than what they think it is. It doesn't feel the same as the way they think it is. "Surgery in... dissection" is to say that it makes sense in my head; the surgery of my mind which I commit with my scalpel; in my mind of dissection...It makes sense to me that I keep using my scalpel against myself. And when my candle burns out... I don't know who 'I' is, but I guess that... It's also my mind. When my physical candle burns out; my body becomes nothing, my mind will resurrect me in a sense. It'll make me come back to life and bring me back to life; bring me to the light. I run through a field of daisies; the daisies being the people of the world; disguised to be good, but they are not. They judge; they are hypocritical; they are cruel; they 'eat their own babies' in the sense that they SAY that these things are okay (for example, being bi. They 'say' that there is nothing wrong with it, but once their own young become that way, they destroy them; ridicule them, ect) but in all actuality, these things are not okay. But no one cares because we are 'free to speak out minds'; we can be hypocritical; we can say what we want because 'the air is free'; we have a right to be disrespectful; to shun; to ridicule those who are different. And I am wanting someone (God) to kiss the dead for me; the dead being the 'babies' eaten; those who are like me; destroyed and ridiculed. They are now 'dead' in a sense, and I would kiss them myself, but it's not in my power... and the kiss is to let them know it will be alright; to let them know that God still loves them...

Now there is 'blood on the moon'; there is no man on the moon; childhood dreams of life being good are dead; the man on the moon has been slaughtered. The summer, known for it's warmth, has grown cold to the cruelty of life. The 'love' in the room is the proclaimed love that everyone speaks about, but I'm sick of hearing of it; of this fake love. The blood on my face got there from my hands; from feeling distressed I have buried my face in my hands, and the dead shore I'm sitting on is the shore of my life; the shore of a dreamer. The highway of emptiness is my life; I can't see anything up ahead, and I'm bored of just sitting here amongst dead dreams and an empty life; I want to escape this world.

All the dreams are dead as I plan my escape from my life. In a sense, I am 'the goddess in bloom'; I'm something great for the world (I've always been told that I will help make the world a better place and shit) but I've been 'handcuffed and raped' in a metaphorical sense; I've been held captive by cruel life and raped of my mental innocence. "There's blood.... the king" is that my feelings that I've committed a sense of suicide; murdering the king; the king being my good thoughts; my happiness... I'm just harming myself and destroying that which rules over my heart. The dreams are dead; I've sinned so much that the blood of my sins are on "just about everything".

Then it repeats; saying again about the "Sunshine a house in flames... kiss the dead for me"

"Something cold... inside her" The realization of the cruelty of life has been forced inside my mind; like a cold knife. I cry from the pain of it. "Stillborn songs... needle freak" Are that the babies of the future have been eaten before their time; I know and can see that their dreams are already dead before they even have a chance to live, and these are the same as the hymns of pain, sorrow, and depression that those who do drugs via needle sing; that they have no life and will go nowhere. I know life is this way; this is the realization. But with 'sunlight in [my] hair [I] smile like [I] don't care'; I cover up this pain that I feel. My dreams are like my eyes; vast and open; open-minded and accepting, but are melting to a liquid; they are sky-colored liquid blue. This time, the 'I' is one of my other selves; I try to release my 'sunshine' girl by cutting myself open; revealing myself to the world; destroying myself to become this 'goddess' that can help others. I try to remind myself of that which I once was; what I once thought I could be.

Then it repeats the "She smiles like a child... butterfly" to reemphasize that I am fake; I am false; I cover up my inner pains and realizations with a smile and false sunshine; there is even more blood of my sins on my hands; the light of God fades from me; I cry out, but I am unheard.

The final verse is the part that has not yet come; maybe a part I can avoid. But it is my giving up on life; this world becoming too overwhelming for me; something I can no longer handle. I fall into grips of the Devil; "an angel with a sawed-off shotgun", and I kill off all that I love; all that I have left, and then I go and follow him; once again like "the scream of the butterfly"; unheard, unseen, and still thought to be of something beautiful.

And that is my interpretation of the song Scream of the Butterfly. And I figure that though this song may have a different actual meaning from the artist, because this is REAL music, EVERYONE can have their own personal perception of this song; regardless how far away it might be from the writer's/band's perception. This is my two cents.

What I believe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/13

I believe that this song is about a woman who got raped, so her parents ended up giving her an at home abortion. She couldn't stand being at the house anymore and felt so horrible being around the house that she killed her parents and ran away. Hence the whole " she likes it where she gets it but its never felt the same" and " surgery in the house of dissection."

Insert fancy title here | Reviewer: Meep | 12/27/12

Actually this song is about his girlfriend at the time whom was raped and preformed an abortion. It broke their relationship apart. And these lyrics are wrong. My dads friends with Dax. Back when he still spelt it Dacks.

Title reference to The Doors | Reviewer: Amy | 11/28/12

It's not that hard to hear/feel the influence of Jim Morrison in the lyrics. The title of this song alone references that. In 'When The Music's Over' the line 'Before I sink into the big sleep I want to hear, I want to hear the scream of the butterfly' is in fact a reference to a porn movie titled The Scream of the Butterfly that Jim had watched prior to penning that song.
As a huge Doors fan I was greatly intrigued with Acid Bath and Dax Riggs in turn. :D

Enjoy. | Reviewer: Ginger Briggs | 2/20/11

I get so lost in the music the words never mattered. I feel the artist also had underlying reasons for his lyrics. As and artist myself, I know I express my pain, anger, sorrow and other emotions through my artwork. In addition, the passion he puts into the vocals are amazingly touching.. deep.. I have no words to describe what it makes me feel. Extacy?

Loss of innocence | Reviewer: dillon | 2/24/09

This song is about losing your naive outlook on life and coming to terms with the ugliness of the world, something that everyone has to experience at some point in there lives. BTW, "rabbit howls like something old is" actually "rabid howls like something else".

Blood on the moon | Reviewer: Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie | 1/5/09

Family drops loads of acid drowns kids in the creek, then disects them. There daughter is tired of living this way drops to much acid, her little angel, mainly psychodelic devil comes out and says kill em so she does end of story... just visualize it