Scott Matthews Albums

  • Elsewhere Album (6/2/2009)
    Underlying Lies
    Jagged Melody
    Suddenly You Figure Out
    12 Harps
    Speeding Slowly
    Into The Firing Line
    Up On The Hill
    Fades In Vain
    Nothing's Quite Right Here

  • Passing Stranger Album (9/11/2007)
    Little Man Tabla Jam, Pt. 1
    Dream Song
    The Fool's Fooling Himself
    Eyes Wider Than Before
    Blue in the Face Again
    Sweet Scented Figure
    Passing Stranger
    Musical Interval
    City Headache
    Earth to Calm
    White Feathered Medicine
    Little Man Tabla Jam, Pt. 2
    Bruno's Finale

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