Scorpions Albums

  • Comeblack Album (11/4/2011)
    Rhythm Of Love
    No One Like You
    The Zoo
    Rock You Like A Hurricane
    Wind Of Change
    Still Loving You
    Tainted Love
    Children Of The Revolution
    Across The Universe
    Tin Soldier
    All Day And All Of The Night
    Ruby Tuesday
    Bonus Tracks
    Big City Nights
    Still Loving You (Je T'aime Encore)
    Shapes Of Things

  • Sting In The Tail Album (3/23/2010)
    Raised On Rock
    Sting In The Tail
    Slave Me
    The Good Die Young
    No Limit
    Rock Zone
    Turn You On
    Let's Rock
    The Spirit Of Rock
    The Best Is Yet To Come
    Thunder And Lightning

  • Humanity Hour 1 Album (5/25/2007)
    Hour I
    The Game Of Life
    We Were Born To Fly
    The Future Never Dies
    You're Lovin' Me To Death
    Love Will Keep Us Alive
    We Will Rise Again
    Your Last Song
    Love Is War
    The Cross

  • Unbreakable Album (5/3/2004)
    New Generation
    Love 'Em Or Leave 'Em
    Deep And Dark
    Blood Too Hot
    Maybe I Maybe You
    Someday Is Now
    My City My Town
    Through My Eyes
    Can You Feel It
    This Time
    She Said
    Remember The Good Times

  • Bad For Good:The Very Best Of Scorpions Album (5/28/2002)
  • Classic Bites Album (2/5/2002)
  • 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Scorpions Album (6/12/2001)
  • Acoustica Album (5/14/2001)
  • Moment Of Glory Album (8/29/2000)
  • Eye II Eye Album (4/13/1999)
  • Best Album (3/1/1999)
  • Big City Nights Album (4/28/1998)
  • Deadly Sting: The Mercury Years Album (7/15/1997)
  • Deadly Sting The Mercury Years Album (7/15/1997)
  • Pure Instinct Album (5/21/1996)
  • Live Bites Album (4/18/1995)
  • Deadly Sting: Anthology Album (2/22/1995)
  • Face The Heat Album (5/1/1993)
  • Crazy World Album (3/1/1990)
  • The Best Of Rockers 'N' Ballads Album (10/1/1989)
  • Savage Amusement Album (3/1/1988)
  • World Wide Live Album (3/1/1985)
  • The Best Of The Scorpions, Vol. 2 Album (3/1/1984)
  • Love At First Sting Album (3/1/1984)
  • Blackout Album (3/1/1982)
  • Animal Magnetism Album (3/1/1980)
  • Lovedrive Album (3/1/1979)
  • Tokyo Tapes Album (5/1/1978)
  • Taken By Force Album (5/1/1978)
  • Virgin Killer Album (9/1/1976)
  • In Trance Album (3/1/1975)
  • Fly To the Rainbow Album (5/1/1974)
  • Lonesome Crow Album (3/1/1972)

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    Reviews about Scorpions albums

    Chewing on the cusp of greatness | Reviewer: Shadow2U
        ------ About the album Virgin Killer performed by Scorpions

    The boys do know how to rock...this album began to cement their style as well as showcase the talent that would eventually launch them to stardom. These songs are perhaps the best fusion of the ethereal, almost esoteric melodies that seem to flow like water from Uli Jon Roth's guitar, the thundering drive of well-synchronized heavy bass and drums, Rudy Schenker's ingeniously growling, ragged-edged, and yet machine-smooth rhythm lines, and the multi-dimensional crowing of Klaus Meine's voice. Particularly separating it from past works is the much tighter, more theatrical rhythmic riffs that punctuate tracks like Pictured Life, Catch Your Train, Backstage Queen, and Virgin Killer. This is the emerging sound formula for most of Scorpions' later mega-hits (The Zoo, Blackout, No One Like You, Rock You Like a Hurricane, Big City Nights, etc.)

    Several songs (Pictured Life, Catch Your Train, Backstage Queen, Virgin Killer, Hell Cat, and Polar Nights) feature an improved, catchy compositional strategy: build up a short rythmic riff, intersperse a melodic/vocal interlude, climax with a chorus taken from a riff variation, and finish with an improvised lead spilling over the resounding original rhythm/vocal line. While this approach can be found in other rock music of the time, for Scorpions it was a progression from a somewhat looser, rambling form that characterized much of their earlier efforts, and introduced a more pronounced, dance-like, fist-pumping element to their music. Listening to it in its raw infancy is joyously superb.

    The ballads (In Your Park, Crying Days, Yellow Raven) likewise show a growing maturity. Klaus' smoothness and resonance of delivery foreshadows things to come later (Still Loving You, Wind of Change, etc.) and makes a nice compliment to Uli's and Rudy's organically symbiant melodic lines. In Your Park is a particularly appealing love ballad with double-vocal melodies that evoke heavy emotion.

    Uli's phnomenal guitar work is unbelievable throughout, but shines best in Catch Your Train, Virgin Killer, Hell Cat, and Polar Nights. Rudy's strings are humming at full throttle in Pictured Life, Backstage Queen, and Polar Nights. Klaus' vocal highlights come in Pictured Life, Backstage Queen, In Your Park, and Yellow Raven.

    All in all, this album is fit for any collection. It's a nostalgic peephole into the emerging talents of a superstar group, but also an compeliing and pleasant experience in its own right. Virgin Killer is a top-notch rock classic.

    Anomally of an Entitled Experiment | Reviewer: Shadow2U
        ------ About the album Eye II Eye performed by Scorpions

    This work is the one incredible anomally in an otherwise brilliant career of the Scorpions. Were they uninspired by lagging sales of albums of their original genre, or perhaps simply tired of pounding out relentless rockers on one world tour after another, after another? For whatever reason, the Scorps explored a new continent musically on this album...and found a landscape best left behind, which thankfully they did. The strakly techno-industrial thematics, chop-shop rhythms, and strangely tepid riffs do nothing to help a rather weak collection of lyrics. The quality of production is still there, but not much else that made the Scorpions one of the premier metal/arena acts of the late 20th century. None of the songs deserves an individual mention. If one could do without one album in a Scorpions collection, this would be it, hands down.

    In later years the Scorpions would return to the slam-bam, thank-you-ma'am, soaring lyrical style that made them famous and revered by rock'n'rollers worldwide, leaving this techno-crappy side-step as a strange footprint on a backroad in their otherwise stellar musical journey.

    Stings my soul | Reviewer: Shikha Xavier
        ------ About the album Humanity Hour 1 performed by Scorpions

    Scorpions have always composed very good music with fantastic lyrics.They have mellowed over the years and their songs have always touched a chord in everyones heart.They have always lived upto the expectations of their fans by composing quality music.Their new album is proof that the band Scorpions really are musical geniuses.

    Uli Jon Roth | Reviewer: Pete Warland
        ------ About the album Taken By Force performed by Scorpions

    Taken By Force is my favorite scorpions album , although they continued to write great songs they just didn't sound as tasty without Uli, check out his first two Electric Sun albums , if you can put up with the singing.

    Pure Instinct - Scorpions | Reviewer: Paul
        ------ About the album Pure Instinct performed by Scorpions

    When this CD first came out in the mid-90s, I was expecting more of the same mesmerizing rythmic heavy metal mixed with wolf-howling ballads that were the Scorpions trademark to that time. I was struck a little sideways by this album, though. However, over time this has become my all-time favorite of all the Scorpions albums. Its deeply introspective lyrics and hauntingly personal rythmic melodies are a superb blend of primeval essence, deep intuition, and craftily harmonic musical style. Only three or four of the songs would I consider ordinary, the rest are hallmarks in my book. "Soul Behind the Face" still sends chills down my spine. "Time Will Call Your Name" can resurrect me spiritually every time I hear it. "Are You the One?" is reserved for my soul mate, if I ever find her. "Where the River Flows" is an inner journey through a soul and a life. "Does Anyone Know" expertly paints the longing everyone has had at one time or another for true love. All this is classic. If I could only keep one album out of all I have ever owned, this one would be it.

    In Trance Album | Reviewer: Niki
        ------ About the album In Trance performed by Scorpions

    I have look far and wide for this album... and the songs on it.. it brings back such memories....
    I wish i could find the music on the internet for In Trance
    Great site. i will be back

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