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In my eyes, I'm not lazy
In my face, It's not over
In your room, I'm not 'll'over
In your eyes, I'm not worth it

Gimmie back my alcohol(6x)
Gimmie back my(2x)
Gimme back...
Heal a million, Kill a million
Peel a million, Feel a million
Heal a million, Kill a million






Gimmie back my alcohol(6x)
Gimmie back my(2x)
Gimmie back

Heal a million

Kill a million (x5)

Ahhhh... Ohhh...

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Duuuuh | Reviewer: U guys suck ass | 10/17/11

Who the fuck cares why he wrote it??? He was and still remains to be one of the greatest musicians who ever lived! And either way, if u really knew ur Nirvana u would know he didn't start using heroin till 1991 (otherwise this means he was 24) SO JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND ENJOY THE MUSIC, ENJOY THE LYRICS AND REMEMBER- GRUNGE IS DEAD. AND WHY IS IT DEAD? BECAUSE IT WAS NEVER ALIVE! REMEMBERING THE NAME OF THERE 1994 ALBUM IN UTERO! AND LAST OF ALL, BEING PISSY? LISTEN TO URSELFS, THEN WE WILL DISCUSS WHO IS BEING PISSY.

poor kurt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/11

kurt did heroin for much of his life. he said it helped his stomach problems but this with part of the addiction. when he was homeless(during his teens) he did lots of heroin and i think this influenced much of his music. there are lots of contradicting things on this page but if you watch the interviews and the documentary entitled "the last 24 hours of kurt cobain"( this all becomes very clear. whether or not you agree is no concern of mine. i think we can all agree that its all great music regardless of whether or not there's meaning, but i believe there is.

Anonymity | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/11

He did say on a magazine that most of the lyrics to this album didn't mean anything and yea it was said that they were made right before recording. But if you think about it to write a song you have to be thinking of something cuz that's how you make a song, by thinking of something to write! Food for thought!

wow | Reviewer: dustin | 6/22/10

i think who ever said kurts music had no meaning ur an idiot!
and kurt at the time was drinking and smoking pot which is wut half the world does at the age of 15 now he was 20.

nirvana CHANGE music like the doors and such... most influence bands anyway!
( and u dont got be druged up or smashed to like nirvana , thats just a perk:P )

To Chris | Reviewer: Chris2 | 5/11/10

If you're going to call people retards because they are wrong, well you ought to make sure you are correct.

If you see interviews Kurt talks about music FIRST. He also mentioned somewhere that the lyrics to Bleach were written on the way to the studio. HE also says almost none of the lyrics on the album are dear to him because it was about the music.

Chill. | Reviewer: John | 4/5/10

I have no idea if these lyrics had meaning or not, but the explanation about Kurt's father being an alcoholic seems fairly reasonable. Another thing,Kurt's lyrics only had meaning some of the time. He even stated that some of his lyrics were just poetry and crap thrown together. Don't get mad at me, Cobain said it.

to everyone below..... | Reviewer: Kyle | 1/13/10

Nirvana songs do have meaning, however the lyrics are a little simple. But then again, simple sort of suits Nirvana's attitude. Nirvana's songs were set in the priority of music first, lyrics last, but not all of them took an hour before the studio to write. Heart Shaped Box took Cobain years to perfect.

Oh, and real Nirvana fans should limewire Teen Spirit, because I refuse to give a dime to that bitch Courtney Love.

Mike's a bumbling retard. | Reviewer: chris | 1/7/10

Kurt was doing heroin ever since he was hanging out with the melvins. People just get pissy for teen spirit because it's cliche. But any owner of bleach shouldn't get pissy at the song, but they should get pissy at people who claim to be nirvana fans, and who limewired teen spirit. And honestly why do you own bleach if you didn't know that kurts lyrics always came before his music emotionaly and litarally. For fuck's sake people touch up on your nirvana.

dumbass's | Reviewer: mike | 11/23/09

for one thing, he didn't write smell's like teen spirit 10 minute's before it was recorded. he CHANGED some lyrics before it was recorded and even then not 10 minute's before. Kurt's lyric's have absolute meaning. you aren't intuitive enough to understand these lyric's and i feel bad for you. and if you don't drink or do drug's, that's your perogative. don't hate on other's that do it, your opinion is worthless. and kurt wasn't doing heroin at this point i don't think. he still had the stomach problem's.

. | Reviewer: Dani | 10/20/09

I agree with Tim..Tim right? Well,that guy was right. Kurt was all about melody before lyrics...but that doesn't mean his lyrics were meaningless. Read his journals. He said his lyrics were very sincere, but he would also be sarcastic in his lyrics. They make perfect sense to me. You just have to know what Kurt believed in and what he was all about.

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