Scissor Sisters Lyrics

Pop music has exploded in an edgy, sexy, supremely tuneful
commotion thanks to the uncommonly brilliant sounds of the
Scissor Sisters.

Creative sparks first ignited five years ago, when a then
19-year-old explosion of energy called Jake Shears was
introduced to a multi-instrumentalist who goes by the title
of Babydaddy. Fired up by a passion for solid songwriting
and off-the-wall humour, they joined forces to write
hook-studded tunes, adopted NYC as their home and agreed on
a cheeky name that’s caused confusion and provoked many More...

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Review about Scissor Sisters songs
Can`t stop listening to that fantastic song | Reviewer: Jorge from Germany
    ------ About the song Take Your Mama performed by Scissor Sisters

First i thought it was a BeeGee`s song, but i know all of them so couldn`t be... also the voice doesn`t sound always like Andy Gibb. However,... this one is one of those songs i will even listen to in heaven (or hell, who knows!?;_))
Something that gives me hope and especially happiness disregarding the most fatal situations in my life. I love it as much as life. It should never be forgotten in the future because it is more or less kind of a hymn for people who never give up and those ones who need support.

Thanks to everybody who "launched" this song into the world of human beings:-)

Morning | Reviewer: Emilse
    ------ About the song Mary performed by Scissor Sisters

I have something special with someone...maybe I am Mary and that young boy is my man... Great song... I love Scissor Sisters, they sound great and their songs and style are really cool.

When you almost get it... | Reviewer: Vorozcon
    ------ About the song It Can't Come Quickly Enough performed by Scissor Sisters

The ride through desire and passion is reflected in this entire song... You live yourself longing for an specific moment in time but just when you think you've reached it, it wasn't what you've expected but the ride dries you out...

The only song that can make me cry | Reviewer: R
    ------ About the song Mary performed by Scissor Sisters

I recently broke up with my boyfriend, and we promised to each other that no matter what we'll always be there for each other... And reading the lyrics for the song, and listening to it, it made me burst. I can't stop crying my lungs out, but somehow I know things will get better. This is my cathartic song.

The song Mary | Reviewer: Mary :P
    ------ About the song Mary performed by Scissor Sisters

This song is beautiful, i love it. Especially that Mary is my name! When i listen to the song it sounds like the band is playing it just for me, but i know their not...
It makes me think that i shouldn't worry as much as i do and someone is out there for me!

It is about crystal meth | Reviewer: Sam
    ------ About the song Return To Oz performed by Scissor Sisters

The song is about servere drug abuse within the gay community across america, it probs does have links to frank oz but i watched an interview with anamatronic and J.Shears on youtube the other day and they both said that meth was the reason the song was written. Plus, the line 'what once was an emerald city's now a crystal town' is a bit of a giveaway. :)

Brilliance | Reviewer: Steven
    ------ About the song Return To Oz performed by Scissor Sisters

When I was a bit younger, I heard Laura and saw the video. I thought my mind had exploded from the scale and surreal style. This band has grown in my eyes to be experts at that. I want to right an Oz story almost purely because this song makes me want to...
Gotta love it!!

return to oz scissor sisters | Reviewer: paul
    ------ About the song Return To Oz performed by Scissor Sisters

what a fantastic human sensory feast! the sounds, whatever you may perceive are the fundamental meaning of the lyrics, and the pictures ,dark and brooding, that may be conjectured by this masterpiece of aural magic!
truly the sisters have an embodiment of elton, and freddy in their makeup, artistically, but also, pink floyd, and due to some chordal progression, i feel , the beatles, from the psychadelia that accompanied said same bands!
wonderful stuff!

Opens it up | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Comfortably Numb performed by Scissor Sisters

It made me want to listen to Floyd again. How good is that?
I agree that it is a very diffeent approach but it is a very different interpretation that makes you want to hear the original (which is a very, very good thing)

    ------ About the song Take Your Mama performed by Scissor Sisters

My boss gave me a cd, this was the first song on it, in 2004 i couldn't stop playing it, so I taught my boytoy to dance to it and it became OUR song, when we hear it he lights up and claims it's his favorite song, he finds me and we do our little dance routine, I have been searching for who does it, tonight I found out. Scissors Sisters ROCK. Now, because of this one little tune, he can dance. thank you so much

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