Scissor Sisters Albums

  • Magic Hour Album (5/28/2012)
    Baby Come Home
    Keep Your Shoes On
    Only The Horses
    Year Of Living Dangerously
    Let's Have A Kiki
    Shady Love
    San Luis Obispo
    Self Control
    Best In Me
    Secret Life Of Letters
    Ms. Matronic's Magic Message
    Bonus Track
    Fuck Yeah

  • Night Work Album (6/25/2010)
    Night Work
    Whole New Way
    Fire With Fire
    Any Which Way
    Harder You Get
    Running Out
    Something Like This
    Skin This Cat
    Skin Tight
    Sex and Violence
    Night Life
    Invisible Light

  • Ta-Dah Album (10/24/2006)
    I Don't Feel Like Dancin'
    She's My Man
    I Can't Decide
    Land Of A Thousand Words
    Kiss You Off
    Paul McCartney
    The Other Side
    Might Tell You Tonight
    Everybody Wants The Same Thing
    Bonus Tracks
    Hair Baby
    Contact High (Demo)
    Almost Sorry
    Making Ladies
    I Don't Feel Like Dancin' (Paper Faces Remix)

  • Scissor Sisters Album (3/9/2004)
    Take Your Mama
    Comfortably Numb
    Lovers In The Backseat
    Tits On The Radio
    Filthy / Gorgeous
    Music Is The Victim
    Better Luck
    It Can't Come Quickly Enough
    Return To Oz
    A Message From Ms. Matronic
    Bonus Tracks
    The Skins
    Get It Get It

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