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Nirvana School Lyrics

Last updated: 02/19/2013 02:09:41 PM

Won't you believe it?
It's just my luck.(x4)

No recess!(x3)

Won't you believe it?
It's just my luck.(x4)

No recess!(x3)


You're in high school again.(x8)

No recess!(x7)

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review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/13

The lyrics on bleach didn't mean anything. Kurdt said he just wanted them to sound negative and interesting, but they didn't mean anything. Kurdt really stepped up his lyrics on Nevermind and even more so on Incesticide, and yes, he spelled it Kurdt.

simpletons | Reviewer: highpower | 1/17/13

This has nothing to do with wotking as a janitor at his former HS. In fact it has to do with the fact that people never actually grow up after high school, society still shits on the burnouts & favorites the cool kids, it's just a larger graduating class

This is the real reason this guy was inspired to write that song. I promise. | Reviewer: Joe chester | 12/7/12

The song "school" was about the lead singer Kurt's experience as working as a custodian at the same high school he had dropped out of. Plain and simple. That's some real shit. I'm just another guy who can relate to what that guy had to say. R.i.p nirvana

What this song is about | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/12

For anyone who really cares. After Kurt dropped out of school, he got a job as a his high school...So he's in high school again but with no recess. Just his luck eh?

Anyone who says that any lyrics to any song don't mean anything are making a BOLD statement. They may not mean anything to YOU but those words were written for a reason and have a meaning whether it's clear or even down right stupid.

blah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/12

everyone in here is retarded kurt didn't care about the lyrics in bleach, and this was a song about how he felt about seattle and subpop, won't you believe it? its just my luck he was happy about signing, no recess subpop didn't let him make the songs he wanted, your in highschool again there was a huge seattle music scene where everyone knew eachother

School | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/11

The lyrics may be primitive but make s**t loads of sense. Kurt hated school just as me and anyone else who gets bullied is. This song is intelligently written. Also, when it comes to music sometimes less is more ;D

Isn't it obvious | Reviewer: Kurdt lover | 11/25/11

School is a metaphor for life. No recess means that there is no relief from life and the pain of life. Since Kurt hated high school so much that when life F**ks you over and things get worse and people are talking s**t about you, it's like being in high school again.

Actually, I have no idea. I'm high!!!!!

@Lee | Reviewer: Daniel | 9/12/11

To you I'll answer just this:
"The desire to be connected with the cosmos
Reflects a profound reality
But we are connected; not in the trivial ways
That Astrology promises, but in the deepest ways"
Carl Sagan

Kurt was crazy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/11

Kurt was a drughead, what he sang does not necessarily have to make sense.

Some songs make sense, others do not. It is just rock'n roll man... Don't try to find life lessons in any rock song.. You will either be disappointed, or want to commit suicide. ;-)

Fellow Pisces | Reviewer: Lee | 8/7/11

No meaning? You havent realised the truth Kurt learned at a young age or was born with,same as Jim Morrison. The "me" the "self" is a symbol not an actuality and Love is when the self is not. He is at the stage where God or truth whatever you wana call it aint giving a recess. He was a tall tree surrounded by small bushes who aint even aware theres a strong wind blowing.
This is a game of death (Bruce Lee understood) and your ego aint getting out alive.
So these happy smiley young souls "dont know what it means" recognise those lyrics?
Answer me this when theres no thought is there a thinker?......... work it out.
Yep your just a bunch of thoughts memories nothing real. "caught in a prism of your own device" "playing warden to your soul"
Is your ego getting defensive? lol

The meaning | Reviewer: Jeff Stortz | 11/17/10

Good music's meaning is rarely spelled out. The artist puts it out there and lets you decide what it means. It will mean one thing to you, another to the artist, and something else to a different person. I've found that for me the meaning of a song can even change over time...
For me, the meaning of this song (what it means to me)hit me years after I heard it and graduated high school and college. Adult life is not a new horizon filled with wiser, more mature's just high school all over again...with no recess.

The song ROCKS | Reviewer: Dimitris | 10/11/10

Lyrics are pretty simple, and why should they be complicated? Kurt obviously had a hard time with something, he made a parallelism with being in high school without having recesses. It is tough. You wanna get out of that situation and maybe you can't.

Deep, i don't think so. Meaningless? No. That's his inspiration at that time, that's what he sang. An artist doesn't have to go through quality control in order to freely express himself.

If you wanna feel that song, try to imagine what he went through and above all, enjoy the awesome music!

grow up | Reviewer: Streetdawg Skyguy | 9/7/10

This song doesn't have a deep meaning but its not just random words
don't you remember getting to high school and finding out there is no recess its depressing

it's most likely about growing up and how you never get a break once you hit high school.

This song is just another song with a catchy rythm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/10

funny how all Nirvana lovers dont like others searching for meaning in songs, maybe it's because Kurt said that he made the lyrics so that there would be some lyrics to sing. There's meaning to be found in this lyrics, whether Kurt wanted it to be that way or not. Also, it is my personal opinion that there should be meaning in songs, if you listen to it because t sounds good, you can do it, but it's like being an animal. Just following what you are programmed to do. And that's the point of commercial music, "everyone likes it, everyone buys it".

THIS SONG | Reviewer: pooholeface | 6/27/10

okay, i completely agree with max_nirvanafan. JUST BECAUSE THIS SONG IS A NIRVANA SONG DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL GET A MEANING FROM IT! most of Nirvana's earlier stuff was written in a night. even dave grohl said for kurt it was "music comes first, lyrics come second". just enjoy the song for its rock out qualities.