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Scheitan Biography

Last updated: 02/14/2003 11:17:24 PM

Pierre Törnkvist - vocals, guitars
Oskar Karlsson - drums, guitars
Lotta Högberg - vocals
Göran Norman - keyboards

Scheitan ('the dark one') are a band that has never cared much about following conventional methods. Their first appearance on the European metal scene as Scheitan was anything but usual, with the band's two creative forces Oskar Karlsson and Pierre Törnkvist already being highly respected musicians in the Swedish scene due to their activities in Everdawn and Gates Of Ishtar. Even though Sheitan decided not to release a demo, Invasion Records signed them immediately without hearing a note from the newly-formed project, and the band's name started to spread throughout the underground. Their highly acclaimed debut album Travelling In Ancient Times (recorded in Lucichrist studio /Lulea by Göran Norman) fulfilled all expectations, and the band received excellent reviews and features in prestigious metal publications all over the globe. Main songwriter Pierre attacked his next work with even more conviction, and on the next album Berzerk 2000, Sheitan turned out a much more diverse and encompassing release than the debut. While Travelling In Ancient Times forged a blasting and primitive black metal style, Berzerk 2000 took a welcomed step towards darker and more gothic elements, as well as embracing some more straight-forward rock styles in such songs as "Raincoat" and "Exitways". In particular, the dark and smoky voice of guest female vocalist Lotta Högberg added a seductive and slightly morbid element to Sheitan's already unique and enticing music, and also pointed slightly towards a future sound. The keyboards of engineer Göran Normann also added form to Scheitan's exceptional style that has set new standards in the black metal scene. After fulfilling all contractual agreements with Invasion, Scheitan decided to sign to Century Media Records shortly before Pierre started working on their new masterpiece Nemesis in his home studio. Again, Nemesis was recorded in Lucichrist studio with an analogue recording process to ensure a warm and very natural sound for their original style of Gothic Death'n'Roll. You can definitely hear that not only black metal bands like Dimmu Borgir or Mayhem have been an influence on Sheitan, but also cool pop artists like Madonna as well as godfathers of rock AC/DC. Nemesis' diverse sound also becomes obvious in great songs like "Marionette", or in the Trans Dance cover "Emergency". Furthermore, after the complete absence of any shows so far, and as this new material is just screaming to be performed live, the band has decided to hit the road soon...

Thanks to Holisen for submitting the biography.