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Scheer are five people who grew up in small country towns
bang in the heart of Northern Ireland. Brought together by
a shared interest in music, they've spent a lot of
formative years around each other and therefore know each
other well, very well. The band as it stands now was first
mooted in 1990, when Joe (drums), Peter (bass), and Paddy
(rhythm guitar), came together. Neal (lead guitar) was
added at the end of that year, after Peter spotted him
playing at University with another band, in a talent
competition! and Audrey (vocals), More...

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Wish you were Dead... | Reviewer: Kill Ray
    ------ About the song Wish you were dead performed by Scheer

The guy I wish were dead I wish for other reasons... like he is an asshole who keeps writing crap about me 40 years later pretending to be a writer. So that is why I wish HE were dead! I will drink fine champagne, wear a pretty dress and do a happy dance when he finally succombs to cancer... and it can't happen too soon. BON DEBARRAS! as they say in France. And while you are agonizing, I hope you remember all the people you robbed, killed and screwed over when you were a heroin addict.

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