Scary Kids Scaring Kids Lyrics

Hailing from the deserts of suburban Phoenix, Scary Kids
Scaring Kids have established themselves as a force to be
reckoned with within the Arizona music scene.

Having shared the stage with bands such as The Bled,
Saosin, Norma Jean, and Open Hand, Scary Kids have earned a
rabid and devoted following. An explosive live show,
combined with their unique blend of screeching guitars,
electrifying keyboards, and vocal intensity, has helped to
create a buzz that has spread like wildfire throughout the
United States.

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Review about Scary Kids Scaring Kids songs
Not Suicide | Reviewer: Maddux
    ------ About the song The Deep End performed by Scary Kids Scaring Kids

I have enjoyed this song a lot for quite a while now. I am pretty confident that this song isn't about suicide, or death at all, other than the death of a relationship. It is about a woman who is very impulsive and throws her all in to everything she does, but has serious commitment issues, and the man who loves her. The beginning is him coming to terms with how much he cares for her, and realizing that despite all his chances to turn away up to that point, there is no turning back now. The chorus laments on how she jumps head first into everything despite consequence. Then she leaves suddenly. She trades all his feelings off to return to the same old routine before they happened. He laments how she is gone, and their future lost, then comments on how she will never be happy with the way that she is wired. How no matter what she does, there is no path to make her better. Then on to the chorus again, lamenting her and how she is. Then the bridge is him dealing with his demons at night, where it hurts the most, while she lives on unknowing. How the only place he can find what was lost is in his dreams, and while it hurts and is very unhealthy, he can't let go of his only connection he has left with the woman he loved. Once again to lament with the chorus upon awaking her careless and reckless ways

My thoughts | Reviewer: KjCj
    ------ About the song The Deep End performed by Scary Kids Scaring Kids

I think she lost her battle with drug addiction. He wakes up to find she has died from an overdose. Her comfort is using and his love wasn't enough to save her and he feels like he could've done more to save her. He loves her and wanted desperately to save her even knowing that she was so damaged and hated herself. She never does anything half way and that includes her addiction. She is constantly teetering on the brink but can't help herself. He thought he could save her and live happily ever after but she was beyond saving. Now he only has his dreams to remember her.

Make something happen | Reviewer: Karina Rivas add me?
    ------ About the song The World As We Know It performed by Scary Kids Scaring Kids

we hear about all the poverty and the destruction of our planet, instead of blaming others like the rich and celebrities, why dont you do something about it? We all have power to change what is going on. It takes one passionate person to inspire others. This song is a great way to send a message, messages are sent for a purpose, be inspired to change what you know is wrong. Just by picking up pieces of plastic on the floor will make a difference.

</3 | Reviewer: RainbowCheezeNip
    ------ About the song The Deep End performed by Scary Kids Scaring Kids

When I first heard it, I thought of suicide, like the girl is depressed. Then the boy falls deeply and passionatly in love with her. Said girl commits suicide, driving the boy to insanity. What's weird, is I found this song by what I consider a sign, and I'm desperatly in love with a boy who I most definatly can't have...

Too true | Reviewer: ES
    ------ About the song Holding On performed by Scary Kids Scaring Kids

Exactly how I feel. I had been best friends with a girl for 3 years, and she loved me. I always was stobourn though and never gave her a chance. I finally did after so long, but she was with another guy. Me and her are together after she left him for me... But she says she still loves him. 'I'm loosing what's left of my dignity, but I'll fight till the end for her heart..'

Infamy Speech | Reviewer: Julius
    ------ About the song Bulletproof performed by Scary Kids Scaring Kids

The actual words to the infamy speech by Roosevelt, round at the end is "I ask that the Congress declare that since the unprovoked and dastardly attack by Japan on Sunday, December 7th, 1941, a state of war has existed between the United States and the Japanese Empire." The voice on the song is actually a direct clip from the recording of the original speech made by Roosevelt.

Song fits | Reviewer: PC
    ------ About the song Holding On performed by Scary Kids Scaring Kids

It fits, ive been dating this girl for 3 months, she dropped her girl for me and i just found out that im pretty sure shes still stuck on her, i dropped a girl i had been in love with for 3 years, because it was love at first sight for me, but this song fits with i feel right about now. "I'm losing whats left of my dignity."

I'm sure you don;t want to hear a personal story but.... | Reviewer: Nikka
    ------ About the song The Deep End performed by Scary Kids Scaring Kids

I actually thought this was a pretty good description of the situation I was in just before I became a couple with my boyfriend. I was being used by a few different people and he came along and saw something in me that had been buried under me for a long time. I told him all my secrets and tried to make it seem like there was nothing wrong with me and that there was just something wrong with him. I didn't really care what happened to me or how other people treated me or what they thought of me... I dove into a deep pit of self loathing. He followed me down-- to try to save me. A lot of times I'd say things to kind of push him away so I felt safer, because I knew he really cared but I didn't want to get used and abused again. Eventually, I just stopped talking to him altogether to avoid getting hurt again. When we finally talked again, he told me he dreamt about me a lot and the more he dreamt of me, the more he wanted to sleep....

Love on~ | Reviewer: Keita
    ------ About the song Star Crossed performed by Scary Kids Scaring Kids

It is truly a wonderful song. U__U But I worry about the man. He has such love but will it all be worth it? If she is willing to toss him away simply because she believes Fate has not written them together... I don't want him to endure such pain. .__.

I wish him luck! I wish him all the luck that I have so that Fate will smile and bring them together! Although I do wish that simple love by choice would bind them, I understand that she isn't the type that would be into that. ._. He ought to find someone else, but there is no one else. She is who he loves, so love on! =3=/ Love and learn, dear fellow! Hopefully things will work out for the best. ;w;

A M A Z I N G | Reviewer: deee
    ------ About the song Drowning performed by Scary Kids Scaring Kids

So scary kids scaring kids have been my fav band for a awhile now, this song was the first song i feel in love with, it got me hooked to them! not only are their lyrics amazing but they are beast!

Great Song!

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