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I feel like this is a brand new band,” Daron Malakian says.
“Sometimes we tell people, ‘’We’re Scars on Broadway." And
they’re like, "Oh, never heard of it." That’s cool," he
adds laughing.

Sure, in System of a Down, Malakian and John Dolmayan
earned five straight platinum albums, including three #1’s,
and headlined numerous festivals and sold out shows around
the world. But he is sincere when he says, “I really didn’t
feel like, "Hey, just because I’m Daron from System of a
Down, everyone’s just going to bow down to this music." More...

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Meaning | Reviewer: Zulu Drummer
    ------ About the song Universe performed by Scars On Broadway

This song is about how the world is ending and how it is happening. The lines "Comets falling for the earth, Is this the end or a rebirth" are saying that the world could either end or could be 'reset' because we aren't treating it right. Also the lines "Mother are we flying through the Universe? Are we dying through the Universe?" have a lot of meaning. 'Mother' means earth and we are crying for help because it is dying. This song has a lot of meaning but is awesome overall, well done Malakian.

3005 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song 3005 performed by Scars On Broadway

amazing Tapey post

but I think.."searching in the air"..don't connect with the God's Daron's prediction about new wave of teck tools

I love this song...I've been loving album, since realize date...but 3005 I've opened just recently

Title | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song 3005 performed by Scars On Broadway

The thing is, nearly any song can be interpreted as religion. SOAD lyrics have always been crytic which has influenced Malakians style of writing

Perhaps Malakian is just saying that science is the way to escape all the problems that happen in the world today

Meaning | Reviewer: Tapey
    ------ About the song 3005 performed by Scars On Broadway


I am not a fan of looking for meaning in songs (as most artists make just lyrics that sound pretty cool not thinking about meaning) but i shall make an exception here. With some one like Daron I really shouldn't make this exception as to get into his mind experimental brain surgery is required so im sure im doomed to failure.

To a certain extent this song is scatter shot. You can pick and choose what you will take from it. But for me there is 1 main theme and 2 very slight undertones. First the religion is the main theme and the government and environment are slight undertones. But take whatever you want for this song, that is what it is all about, thinking and deciding for yourself. I do not claim that I am correct, this is what I take away from the song.

"Let's clap our hands
for the president
and Jesus Christ
and did I mention Charlie Manson
and everybody else who was nice?"

Clearly a remark that that the president (government) and jesus (religion) are at Mansons level of niceness. I know Daron has stated he is interested in manson. However He disagrees with the killings to my knowledge even if he seems to agree with manson stance on the environment. But here we see the emergance of our 3 themes. Manson reprisents the environment. president the government and jesus religion perhaps christianity in mainly.

"Let's sing a song
for the people scared
searching in the...(air <--- i believe this is missing unless im hearing wrong)
if you search real hard, you'll see that... (I'll be there <--- it is said straight after, there is no break so il be counting it as part of this verse)"

Here things get vague, "searching in the air" "I'l be there" seems to suggest god, I find this likely because of the earlier referance to jesus. This means he will be singing from the position of god. In light of this "sing a song" and " for the people scared" to me suggests that he is singing this song for the people searching for god and who are scared about not finding him. Also I would include all god believers (for reasons coming from the rest of the song)

"I'll be there
Shooting up your world
Watching all the resurrection junkies losing ground"

"Ill be there"
Refering to himself as god
"Shooting up your world"
Because of earlier themes i take this to mean, religion as sort of a drug, like you shoot up on drugs (I think it is a mistake to see this as meaning violence as I cannot see any referances to violence prior to this, although as i said to a certain extent this song is scatter shot), as in it is addictive.
"Watching all the resurrection junkies losing ground"
I believe resurrection junkies means christians. According to the bible Jesus got resurrected, this is centeral the christian belief. Losing ground I believe means that he believes that the christian faith is losing ground to other ideas perhaps atheism perhaps other religions, more likely i think he means losing ground to science (things later in the song provide my reasons). This is why I said god believers in general, because of this verse.

So I believe this verse means religion is drug provided by god which is losing ground to science.

"Let's do high five
for a genocide
and the Internet
and all the communication skills
that are lost when we are dead"

Now here genocide could refer to those that are committed by governments, but rather I think it refers to those committed in the name of religions because of previous themes. Maybe the armenian genocide, it seems likely to me based on causes System of a down supported. Genocide and the internet seem to be compared here, likely meaning there is alot of bulls**t on the internet on these subjects but also he seems to be in favor of real communication (not the bulls**t found on the internet) over violence, possibly meaning we should talk about these matters as once we resort to violence communication is no longer an option as "we are dead"

So this verse seems to say violence is not the answer but rather we should hold real meaningfull discussions to prevent violence relating to these topics.

"You'll never survive
Three thousand five
while you'll be sinking in the ocean
I'll be in my spaceship, still alive..."

Here is why I said i think he means religion is losing ground to science, based on previous themes I think he is refering to some Christians and indeed some people in religions as a whole rejecting science e.g. evolution and stem cell research. Spaceship is a symbol of scientific achievement. There are environmental undertones here aswell but I do not think they are that important because it is the first time they come up and they are lacking from the rest of the song. Rather I think this is a comment on the rejection of science. Science has helped us develop this far it seems silly to abandon it for religion with how much it can help us achieve, e.g. surviving environmental disasters. "Sinking in the ocean" could refer to reversing the evolution processes as the oceans is where we come from according to evolution, so he could be saying religion will take our civilisation backwards while science will advance us to "spaceships" and to "staying alive".

So this verse says science is the way forward we should drop religion if we wish to advance.

"Let's clap our hands
for the president
and Mickey Mouse
and every other motherfucker
that's burnin' up in this house "

Finally this is a simple comment on hell i think, i think this because of "burning up in this house". If mickey mouse is going to hell who isn't? Everyone from the president (not nice from the first verse) to mickey mouse (the embodiment of nice) is going to hell. Also "lets clap our hands" suggests defying religion is a good thing, it is a good thing to condem yourself to hell as religion is not the answer according to this song. I do not believe the "lets clap our hands" is sarcastic in this verse because of the lack of the question like there is in the first verse.

I believe this song is critising religion for holding us back as a species, it is about science being the way forward for us and religion is holding us back. There are themes are religion being a drug of sorts, its adictive. Another theme is communication is preferable to violence and that meaningfull discussions must take place to avoid religious violence as after we are dead or there is violence communication becomes impossible.

More importantly think about what this song means yourself, this is but my simple interpratation, im honored if you agree but if you don't feel free to tell me why.

obnoxious? | Reviewer: soad fan
    ------ About the song Stoner Hate performed by Scars On Broadway

great song,about meaning i'm not sure,some fans says that it's about daron himself and some says it's about charles manson,so i dont know,anyway this song is perfect,but i know daron is not obnoxious!he is so cute genius but without that fucking beard!!!!!!!!what's the fuck matter with u daron?

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