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Dragonforce Scars Of Yesterday Lyrics

Last updated: 03/31/2013 08:46:34 AM

Suffer the raging anger creeping below
Trapped in the circle, so helpless
Forces beyond
This is your last chance to die

I hear a thousand voices screaming my name
Dreams of a life forgotten now will be gone
Never to return again

Hide from the light, you feel so hypnotized
Filtered and disguised
Burning forever, try to remember
Sadness in her eyes

So many times now we've been here before
No more illusions behind the open door
Trapped within my fierce desire, resistance is futile
Screaming for your life, nowhere to hide
Tonight we cross the line, your innocence is mine

Falling down, my life fading now to the end
One last chance of glory in my heart again
Set me free from craving the one thing I can't have inside of me
But is it all a waste of time?

Lost in a misery, the fatal demise
Forced to a living that no one can understand
Hiding behind all the lies

A long time in slavery, it cries out in vain
Lurking around the shadows until the end
Fearless in fatal disguise

Wake from the dream, the life you left behind
Time to understand
Lost in the laughter, life everafter
Trials of a broken man

And through this madness a new day will rise
We shall remember the pain she held inside
Fear the pain inside my heart, our sacrifice in vain
Screaming for your life, nowhere to hide
This everlasting strain, driving you insane

Falling down, my life fading now to the end
One last chance of glory in my heart again
Set me free from craving the one thing I can't have inside of me
But is it all a waste of time?

Still lost in the universe, we cry for a new day to come
Break free from our loneliness, the last time
Pray tonight as we try to understand

Falling down, my life fading now to the end
I'm alive forever, my soul will ascend
One last chance of glory in my heart again
Set me free from this craving the one thing I can't have inside of me
Just a memory
Or is it all a waste of time?

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why this song is so cool | Reviewer: Spore | 3/29/13

Yeah I don't get the point of haters that DF sounds is the same I see the reason why they are always saying that first they haven't listen to this song or their favorite band is sucks DF is more talent than their favorite, I don't know why I can't keep myself from listening repearedly.I love all DF song mostly Heroes of our Time,Inside the Winter Storm,Above the Winter Moonlight,Body Breakdown,Flames of Youth and Extreme Power Metal(EPM).

Since when do they sound the same? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/12

Where in all hell did people get the idea that all Dragonforce songs sound the same? I DARE you to take Through the Fire and Flames, Above the Winter Moonlight, Starfire, and Seasons, play them all side by side, and try to find similarities between even two of them.

Every single Dragonforce song is both unique and epic and has unique meaning to it. Yes, some of them are going to sound similar. But then again, practically every metal song ever written has an electric guitar in it, if you wanna go around saying that things sound the same.

Best band ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/11

Whether DragonForce can play this live or not - I don't care. It is by far the best band ever, mostly Ultra Beatdown. I mean, how can you possibily make better music than this and The Last Journey Home? Every time you listen it, you like it more. And yeah, maybe it sounds the same to some people, but if you listen it a couple of times very well, then you hear the difference of each song. I really can't wait for their next album. There are two things I am almost sure about: A better album than Ultra Beatdown is not possible, and DragonForce is going to make a better album than Ultra Beatdown.

The best song ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/11

Yes, DragonForce all sounds the same. No, this is not a bad thing because that sound is AWESOME. But this song is really different, and all the more awesome because of it. And while it is only available as a bonus track on Ultra Beatdown, you can buy it from iTunes. So there. You have no excuse not to be listening to it now.

Different but awesome | Reviewer: SirJyrus | 8/1/10

I can't believe it took me so long to get this song. So much stuff in it that only DF could pull off; heavy synth + piano intro, complex rhythms in the verse, epic half-time chorus and quite possibly the best key change ever created, right at the end. The "video game inspired" section after the last verse took me by surprise the first time, but now I kinda like it. Kudos to DragonForce for yet another unbelievable track.

wow, just wow | Reviewer: lewis.G | 4/10/10

I really dont know how they do it. Dragonforce have just gone from strengh to strengh. A friend of mine said "how can you listen to them, they cant play live" simply they can play live. but if i wanted a perfect listen to a song id listen to it on my ipod. if i wanna see a truely amazing band go wild an love every minute of it, i watch them live. Never have i known a band with so much collective talent. rythm,lead,keyboard and drums jus work for them. I certainly hope we get another album from them, lord knows there new singer will be legit.

Holy Shit. | Reviewer: Dick H. Ed | 3/26/10

Another crazy Dragonforce song. I believe this one is about Herman Li raping kittens. When it says, "Tonight we cross the line, your innocence is mine," I feel as if it represents him raping innocent virgin kittens at home, "...behind the open door," of his stardom. His, "Fierce desire," is so furious, he is obviously tearing the poor kittens' asses open, and so they are, "Screaming for your life."

beatdown | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/09

Dragonforce is the best band in the world i dont care if theres damn haters out there they can just go f them sevles.anyway scars of yesterday is a really good song especially the keyboard solo .dragonforce is better then matallica no dougt.i like all there songs from their albums valley of the damned to ultra beatdown but the ones i like the most are black winter night,heroes of our time,once in a lifetime,...and the last journey home.but i like all there songs so much as well

Nice for a change | Reviewer: DFfan | 2/27/09

I LOVE dragonforce, but everyone else says all their songs sound the same... i don't see that as a negative point, because they maintain the same awesomeness in all their songs. but incase any dragonforce fan faces any haters that say they sound the same just give them this song because it's rhythm is heavier than all their other songs and holds the same greatness you've come to expect from these guys. too bad it's only on their special edition album of ultra beatdown