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Take out of your wasted honor
Every little past frustration
Take all your so-called problems,
Better put them in quotations

Say what you need to say [x8]

Walking like a one man army
Fighting with the shadows in your head
Living up the same old moment
Knowing you'd be better off instead,
If you could only . . .

Say what you need to say [x8]

Have no fear for giving in
Have no fear for giving over
You'd better know that in the end
Its better to say too much
Than never to say what you need to say again

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Even if your hands are shaking
And your faith is broken
Even as the eyes are closing
Do it with a heart wide open

Say what you need to say [x24]

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reminder | Reviewer: tali | 10/8/13

dis song remindes jst how much sayin wat u nid 2 say is important,im stil a teen but heck,dis song's got tnkin thrice evrytym i try 2 hold bac wat im feelin,i gez wat im tryin 2 say is dat lyf is 2222222 short 2 not say wat u nid 2 say,i min wats de point of holding bac if it's only gonna mke u regret it 2seconds later

Question Please? | Reviewer: marcia | 12/26/11

Wow i love this song!!! Its sooo good i cant help but sing along with it.
However there was something that i would like to know. What does the back up voice sing when they reach the end. The 24x part. If anyone knows please tell me. PLEASE!!

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/11

my friend actually played the song and i loved it. this song is a awesome song and it's one of my fav because to me it tells a story and the lyrics are just awe.
this song just makes me smile when i listen to it.

Great Song!!!!!

Phylosophically Meyer | Reviewer: Emmy J | 4/19/11

We all at some point in our dear life,wish to hold back some issues that might not go down well with our friends(loved one),in the end,what we don't SAY that we should have said will come to ruin us.MEYER seeing that,is now urging us to SAY WHAT U NEED TO SAY.

Older point of view | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/10

Reading these reviews I have to believe that many of the reviwers are young (under 30). If that's so, listen to this song, understand it's meaning. Its message is important and if you follow it, do it consistently and without malace, your relationships (romantic or otherwise) will be stronger, deeper and more rewarding. Wish I had gotten the chance to connect with a song like this in my teens/twenties!

And to those who complain about the repetetiveness of the song - important messages take a while to sink in sometimes; keep listening and hopefully you'll get it.

Ugh!!!!!! | Reviewer: Bob | 9/18/10


I've never googled or binged any song; this song made me do just what was intended.

I am going to say what I want to say and that is this song sucks. PERIOD. How many times can one line be repeated? Is there an award for saying it repetively?

At least the motto "Just Do It" (Nike) and "Priceless" slogan and commercials have deviation. Imagine watching the same spill x in a row or 24x iin a row. This song sucks... But, I will give the artist credit for motivitating me say what I wanted to say.

an introspection | Reviewer: Merlyn | 4/21/10

i feel this song want to bring us to do introspection. and i love the way John Mayer makes a simple song like this one. but, there're some words that it think it would make this lyrics imperfect, they are: "Its better to say too much
Then never say what you need to say again"
coz, when we say too much what we don't aim at, it could be a blunder for us or for anyone who we talk to. thats my opinion.

this song is my fav song ever | Reviewer: deanna | 1/16/10

hey guys i love this song so much it is like im just dreaming and it makes me wannna ding along with him while he is snging and the song is so happy and it gets so sad and makes me wanna cry so ya bye for now

pro's of this song | Reviewer: solange | 12/11/09

to this song has me everytime, it keeps playing in my head over and over, me makes me know its ok to tell peopel whats on your maind and the truth, and to me anyone who hate this song, i'd like to see them compose something better and put it out there its the most positive song out there and it keeps me going to know that its ok to express yourself and how you feel and about the people around you..........john mayers was always a postive singer and i stand at 20 and cant beleive that i love this song. the words speaks about everything with its usage.

magical | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/09

listening to this song just reminds me that you should never let a day go by without telling someone how you feel about them. You never know how it will impact them and just might brighten a day without ever knowing you did.

Action Speak Louder... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/09

It's a great song. And the chorus is indeed like a mantra. Most often less is more, and these simple lyrics are just that, more.

I'd say, put into 'action' even moreso than in quotations. Consistent action speak volumes louder than words. "I love you", comes too esy.

Which isn't saying, words don't count, they do. Just back them up with action and watch your world transform into what you've been dreaming it could be. Take a chance and believe in yourself and in others. Nuff said. Peace out.

Someone told me to listen to this song... | Reviewer: crfclassic | 3/17/09

I didn't know why she was telling me to do this, but eventually I did, and read the lyrics to fully realize why she insisted I listen to this. Its understood now, and while a song can't change your life having a great friend like her certainly can.

SAY WHAT YOU NEED TO SAY | Reviewer: Chris | 12/20/08

this song is amazing. it really is.
i've heard this songs PLEANTY of times on the radio. The thing is, when i heard it on the radio i never thought much about it. It was a shame though, because the message was right there. I finally took this song in after watching the movie the "Bucket List" I guess i needed an example to go along with the song. (in the movie) In the last moments of their lives, they did all the things they wanted to do before it was too late. This song goes hand in hand with the movie. And delivers the powerful message of expressing your feelings before you lose that chance. Tomorrow is never promised to us, so take a chance. You got one life. There is a reason for repetition of the chorus. It's basically making sure that it sticks in your head. It's kind of like when you're in a situation where you want to say or do something, but cant. It keeps going through your head "Say what you need to say, Say what you need to say."

Love it | Reviewer: Kat | 12/4/08

Growing up, I've almost always had to be the "strong" one in the family, even if I am the youngest child. I couldn't share my feelings, I just had to put on a smile and hope for the best. I'm the same way today, almost 20 years old and still hiding my emotions from just about everyone in my life.

This song is wonderful, I know that I'll be playing it in the back of my mind when I need to tell people different things. Right now, I've got quite a few different conversations that I need to get done and over with, even if I am scared to say everything. But, as John says, "It's better to say too much, Than never to say what you need to say again".

Don't miss the point | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/08

This song reminds me of the day my father died. He had a massive stroke and was brain dead. We were in that strange state of needing to talk to him, but not knowing if he could hear or understand us. Either way, my family and I went in and said what we needed to say. When I went in i really felt like a one man army...fighting all instints of not wanting to say good bye. I didn't hear this song until a couple of months later when Bucket list came out. Everytime I hear this song I relive that moment in the hospital. It makes me so sad, but also relieved that I said what I needed to say. I hope that someone reading this will say what they need to say before it is too late. I did it "as the eyes are closing". Please do it before that moment happens in your life. I think that the repetitiveness of the chorus is soothing, when you are in a tough position it is like a mantra...."Say what you need to say".

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