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Skeleton Key Say Goodnight Lyrics

Last updated: 02/06/2013 07:12:49 AM

Say goodnight, the pin-holed flag unfurls
Against the sky, a tiny hand uncurls
A mouth resigns it's smile
'Cause I could always get a grin from you child
I was once your mother's friend

Say goodnight, we've passed a happy ending
Close your eyes, and dream of us pretending
The cards always wild
And try to mutiny against this child
I was once your mother's friend

Those dizzying heights, those crayons and kites
You hanging on sleeves, and pocketing leaves
Little things I can't let go of
A million things that kill me slowly

Say goodnight, though you don't recognize my face
There was a time, when you went limp in my embrace for awhile
We though those days would never end, oh child
I was once your mother's friend

Say goodnight. Say goodnight. Say goodnight.
And I'll say goodbye.

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