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Things are changing
It seems strange and
I need to figure this out
You've got your life
I got mine
But you're all I cared about
Yesterday we were laughing
Today I'm left here asking
Where has all the time gone now
I'm left alone somehow
Growing up and getting older
I don't want to believe it's over

Don't say goodbye
Cause I don't wanna hear those words tonight
Cause maybe it's not the end for you and I
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And although we knew
This time would come for me and you
Don't say anything tonight
If you're gonna say goodbye

Do you remember
In December
How we swore we'd never change
Even though you're leaving
Thought our feelings
Would always stay the same
I wish we could be laughing
Instead I'm standing here asking
Do we have to end this now
Can we make it last somehow
We both know what we've gotta say, not today
Cause I don't wanna leave this way

And if it's over
It hurts but I'm giving you my word
I hope that you're always
Happy like we were
Happy like we were

Yesterday we were laughing (if you're gonna say goodbye)
Today I'm left here asking (if you're gonna say goodbye)
And although we knew this time would come for me and you
Don't say anything tonight
If you're gonna say goodbye

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Ironic | Reviewer: Lexi | 12/5/11

I love this song so much. I can relate so much. My ex and I broke up about a month ago, and sadly, it was my fault. I left him for someone else, but I regret it with all my heart, and he doesn't love me anymore. I hate myself for it, and I love and miss him so much. <3 I wish things were how they were, and this song helps me relate so much.

I love you Arick, I will never forget you, even if you forget me. <3

iMissYou! :( 11/4/09 | Reviewer: Aglahen | 5/28/10

OMG! this song reminds me of my ex BoyFriend
Wayne, he Graduated 4 days ago & everytime i always listen to this song it brings me back the memories. :( i really miss him & it's really hard to admit that u still like your ex him or her. he told me that he really loved me & we were dating again only 4 3 days & he broke up with me. :( & he didn't even say goodbye to me,

but i will always LOVE YOU WAYNE! 4EVER! >3

Wow | Reviewer: bailey | 8/18/09

This is like me and my boyfriend. Except the other way around. We started dating in December and we said we would never change

He was the one saying good bye. :(
This song is really sweet and sad.

My Marine Boy | Reviewer: Emily | 6/12/09

This is definately my song for my cousin who is more like my brother. He's leaving soon for bootcamp. Were only two years apart and so incredibly close and I know I'm going to miss him sooo much! This song brings me to tears when I think about him leaving in just a few weeks.

say goodbye - skillet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/09

i love this song.. this is the part i hated most.. where you are losing the one you love.. coz its hard to let go of someone you love the most.. and hard to admit that you are over to him or her.. but you have to admit that truth.. they say past is past.. there is no turning back once it was already happened.. but then this song is really amaze me.. it only reminds me everything ive lost..

Don't Say Goodbye | Reviewer: Mikaela | 4/2/09

I LOVE This song it is the best and it makes my mom cry everytime she hears it, because it makes her think of me and how i will be leaving home in about 2 or 3 years after high school. ILOVE SKILLET!!!!!

this song rocks | Reviewer: tony | 1/9/09

this our graduation song at my school co 08 and i miss it really bad but we all knew it was coming but we wasnt ready to let go 12 yrs it was hard and everytime i hear this song it brings back my highschool yrs the c/o 2008 rocks love yall all

memories | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/08

The words of this song pierce through me. It reminds me of my ex. I really did love him. But now it's over and I miss him soooo much. I know i should forget the past, but it's so hard to. Cherish everything in your life today, because tomorrow it may be gone. And if you don't move on, the rest of the world will. What a hard lesson to learn.

Megan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/08

im sure every person who has ever heard this song can relate to it. we've all lost someone we cared about deeply and the pure emotion in this song brings me to tears everytime.

wonderful song. | Reviewer: lamar | 5/30/08

This is one of those songs you love most dreadfully. It reaches in and draws out a nostalgia that everyone knows but is hesitant to admit. Nostalgia is the most elusive of all emotions and it's rare that you can feel it so bittersweetly and beautifully at the same time. This song reflects the artistry of Skillet.

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