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In the years to come
Will you think about these moments that we shared

In the years to come
Are you gonna think it over
And how we lived each day with no regrets

Nothing lasts forever though we want it to
The road ahead holds different dreams for me and you

Sometimes goodbye, though it hurts in your heart,
is the only way for destiny
Sometimes goodbye, though it hurts,
is the only way now for you and me
Though it's the hardest thing to say
I'll miss your love in every way
So say goodbye
But don't you cry
'Cause true love never dies

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In a year from now
Maybe there'll be things
we'll wish we'd never said

In a year from now
Maybe we'll see each other
Standing on the same street corner, no regrets

Each and every end is always written in the stars
If only I could stop the world
I'd make this last

Sometimes goodbye, so it hurts in your heart,
is the only way for destiny
Sometimes goodbye, so it hurts,
is the only way now for you and me
Though it's the hardest thing to say
I'll miss your love in every way
So say goodbye (so say goodbye)
But don't you cry
'Cause true love never dies

And when you need my arms to run into
I'll comfort you
Nothing will ever change the way I feel

Sometimes goodbye, though it hurts in your heart,
is the only way for destiny
Sometimes goodbye, though it hurts,
is the only way now for you and me
Though it's the hardest thing to say
I'll miss your love in every way
So say goodbye
But don't you cry
`Cause a true love never dies

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My great students of 5th grade ... | Reviewer: JC Santillan | 6/7/12

I'm going to work with this song in my English class, and it's with the purpose that they remember this awesome year we had together ... I'm gonna miss them so much the next year cycle. Luv' my students a lot ... God blees them.

True Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/12

I had a relationship that lasted for 9 years.(1st Bf) I thought it will never end ... But one day it did. This Feb 2012 will be the mark of 1 year without him. Listening to this song made me cry a river. It's still painful like I can still hear his voice in my head saying it's OVER. I'm so hurt till now..

at my old school | Reviewer: atalia mcneil | 7/9/11

im in year 3 and i had to leave my bestest friend we had so much fun now its all ruand i miss her so much now ive got a now best friend i wil never forget her my new best friend is caled olivia because she is nice to me and shes funny but i wil never forget chole:<x

Janzy | Reviewer: Starchx_24 | 12/3/10

This song meanns a lot to me it reminds me of my HIGHSCHOOL friends that in good times and bad times we will always be there for each other
This is a very touching song that its really hard to say GOODBYE to someone close from your heart I MISS MAH FRIENDS IN MAH HIGHSCHOOL DAYZ HOPE I CAN SEE THEM SOON=)

leaving primary school | Reviewer: olivia | 7/9/10

i left my friend in y3 we dodnt really see each other now i miss here very much but this song reminds of here so the the song is saying u have to move on in life and its hard as somtimes u have to leave friends behind and its hard
Thankyou to ever write his song xxx

goodbye to all my friends | Reviewer: Olivia | 7/9/10

This song is so touching it makes me feel like this is another step for me i have to leave this all behind i have to move on i have to push my self to start a new life with new friends.

Thankyou to all the people at hamsterley primary school u helped me along the bad and good Thankyou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:)

goodbye primary school | Reviewer: taryn | 7/9/10

i am 11 and coming to the end of primary school when i heard this song i felt like crying i really dont want to leave all my friends behind i now realise that were ever i am my friends will always be by my side however far or however near friends are always close at heart near or miles apart. thankyou to all the people at hamsterley who have helped me along the way xxx

Goodbye | Reviewer: Jasmine Raine | 7/9/10

I am age 11 and in in Y6 and i am going to leave very soon I am gonna miss all my friends especially Halle. I will miss all the teachers too. It has been really good at my school and I won't forget it. It's a lovely small school and I will keep all my memories forever. Luv u Hamsterleyxxx

Sooo saddening... | Reviewer: Nalin | 2/12/10

I would like to say that I am sooo touched by this song! love it soo much!!! One of the best songs sang by S CLUB 7! LOL It brings back all those good times I spent & shared with my besties & fellow classmates. A memory that shall be cherished forever and always :)
Btw loved S Club since 2nd grade! It brings back so many it goes 13yrs of school life coming to an end, year 12 OMG! "Say Goodbye" will make such a heart-warming dedicating song for my graduation/formal:D Wish S Club 7 had reunite, once again.

So sad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/09

my bff have to go to a diferent college so i had to say goodbye to her and this song is perfect to explain how i feel.. i'm gonna miss her so much she's like my sister when i heard this song i know that was perfect to tell her that i'll always gonna be her bff

Awesome Song | Reviewer: Chelsea | 3/11/09

I loved S Club 7 growing up. I recently had a friend taken from me back in Aug RIP Cyndi and Neil. this song just made me realize how much my friends mean to me and how i dont want to lose anyone. Cyndi was taken from me she didnt want to go someone else pulled the trigger. but this song make me feel like Cyndi is watching over everyone she loves and is in away guiding us. True Love never dies. its not just true love in a relationship but TRUE LOVE in FRIENDSHIP in its self.

Friends | Reviewer: Nathan | 1/16/09

I'd like to say thanks to Kieran Rogers for all of the good times we had in cathays high. although he's moved on now i really hope that these lyrics will encourage people to treasure all of the moments you have with your friends

end of school year | Reviewer: sarah gillibrand | 7/5/08

i am 11 years old and its the end of my year 6 they are goin to play this at the leavers disco wen me and my friend =s herd it i just burst out crying i go 2 rudston juniour school i am goin to miss all of my m8ts especiallly hannah t and alicia and sophia my bezzies x love u ldz girl xx

Goodbye. | Reviewer: katiee. | 3/30/08

<i>well i was on U-tube + i came across this video + i sobbed my heart out if sclub 7 came back on doing a just a tour they'd probably get more than "SPICEGIRLS" because in my eyes Sclub 7 where the don + everyone misses them well i do because i think there one of the coolest bands in the world =) xxx

so sad | Reviewer: charlotte | 3/13/08

i am leaveing school soonand i will never see my m8s again so i will miss them so much

my depty head is leaving and this is the song my class is singing to her :( i will miss her so much

and u my m8s too tegan,tia,casey,mikhail,kane,fahim,fredricka.jenee,mohammed,karel and tajinder.

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