Say Anything Albums

  • Hebrews Album (6/10/2014)
    John McClane
    Six Six Six
    Judas Decapitation
    Kall Me Kubrick
    My Greatest Fear Is Splendid
    The Shape Of Love To Come
    A Look
    Lost My Touch
    Nibble Nibble

  • Anarchy, My Dear Album (3/13/2012)
    Burn A Miracle
    Say Anything
    Night's Song
    Admit It Again
    So Good
    Peace Out
    Of Steel
    Anarchy, My Dear
    The Stephen Hawking
    Bonus Tracks
    Here's To You. Blue Eyes
    Their Notions

  • Say Anything Album (11/3/2009)
    Fed To Death
    Hate Everyone
    Do Better
    Less Cute
    Mara And Me
    She Won't Follow You
    Death For My Birthday
    Young, Dumb, And Stung
    Ahhh... Men
    Bonus Tracks
    I Love You More Than I Hate My Period

  • In Defense Of The Genre Album (10/1/2007)
    Skinny, Mean Man
    No Soul
    That Is Why
    Surgically Removing The Tracking Device
    This Is Fucking Ecstasy
    The Church Channel
    Shiksa (Girlfriend)
    Baby Girl, I'm A Blur
    Retarded In Love
    People Like You Are Why People Like Me Exist
    Died A Jew
    An Insult To The Dead
    Sorry, Dudes. My Bad.
    Spay Me
    In Defense Of The Genre
    The Truth Is, You Should Lie With Me
    The Word You Wield
    About Falling
    You're The Wanker If Anyone Is
    We Killed It
    Have At Thee!
    Hangover Song
    Goodbye Young Tutor, You've Now Outgrown Me
    I Used To Have A Heart

  • ...Was A Real Boy Album (9/1/2006)
  • Say Anything is a Real Boy Album (8/3/2004)
  • Menorah\Majora Album (11/1/2003)
  • Baseball Album (7/1/2001)
  • Junior Varsity! Album (7/1/2000)

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    Reviews about Say Anything albums

    Awesome. | Reviewer: Cara
        ------ About the album In Defense Of The Genre performed by Say Anything

    In Defense Of The Genre, is amazing, just as all of Say Anything's former albums. I fell in love with all the songs, and as per usual, Max continues write like that of a genius. I strongly recommend to check it out, but I highly doubt you'll dislike what you hear.

    Brutally Honest | Reviewer: Anastasia
        ------ About the album In Defense Of The Genre performed by Say Anything

    Max Bemis is down, dirty, and bared naked for the world to see. He openly apologizes for mistakes, grudgingly acknowledges the sins he's committed, and explains to all that he is no one man to be worried about.

    I admire the strength and openness he holds for the world. He opens up his chest and says, here, take a look. He exposes the world of drugs, sex, and all other drama with small bits of humor and a frankness that justifies being human.

    It's a good philosophical listen, an admirable expose of the most shameful.

    Staggering | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album In Defense Of The Genre performed by Say Anything

    Great album. I didn't like it at first but the more you listen to it, the more it consumes you. Pay attention to the lyrics and you'll hear how well it all plays in. Hands down, Max is a lyrical genius. Say Anything is not for everyone, but if they are, you'll fall in love. New songs also perform well live.

    the album | Reviewer: leumas
        ------ About the album ...Was A Real Boy performed by Say Anything

    these songs r awsum !!!!! well done to the band for a good productive album!!!

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