Saving Jane Lyrics

"Hey?do you know the words to Bobbi McGee?"

Through a haze of woodsmoke and woozy late night chorus,
she almost didn't hear the question. But for some reason
Marti Dodson sat back down at that campfire four years ago
and made a new friend.

At the time, Marti was a college student at Ohio State
University, where she sat in the back of her classes
writing songs instead of taking notes. She brought the
words to life on the rooftop of her broken down apartment
building, playing around with a cheap guitar and a
beginner's More...

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Reviews about Saving Jane songs

I don't think so | Reviewer: roro
    ------ About the song Autumn & Me performed by Saving Jane

I don't think its about lesbians ... rather about very best friends. I think theyve known eachother since they were really really young and they could even read the thoughts of eachother.
♥♥♥♥♥ I love this song SOOO much!!! ♥♥♥♥♥
I have a best friend too and I can really relate with this song!!!

Autumn & Me | Reviewer: Cassidy
    ------ About the song Autumn & Me performed by Saving Jane

So, at first the reason why I listened to this song was because I thought it would be about lesbians...When I first listened to it, it seemed to go along with my theory. But if you listen closely, it says they cry about boys... So they aren't lesbians. However, the could be bi. But I think they're just really close best friends.

...its about two best friends | Reviewer: Toni
    ------ About the song Autumn & Me performed by Saving Jane

the song is not about lesbians... its definatelly about two best friends and any girl who has had a best friend that has lasted since childhood,then they'd kno the message this song is trying to convey...

if im not mistaken, Marti (singer of saving jane) wrote this about her best friend and her... and i believe Autumn is still alive (to contradict what someone else above said...)... if im not mistaken, she is in some pictures in the Saving Jane Myspace page.

There must be alot of 'girls next door' | Reviewer: Lynn
    ------ About the song Girl Next Door performed by Saving Jane

I know a girl just like this. And I'm the exact girl next door. My boyfriend only went out with me because this 'perfect girl' (whom everyone seems to love) was dating someone else. Once she became available he dumped me for her...and it was the most painful thing. I know now though that that 'perfect girl really is ugly inside. She only gets good grades cause she cheats, she's mean to kids who aren't as popular, etc. So I guess there is a little satisfaction to be had.

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Leah
    ------ About the song Girl Next Door performed by Saving Jane

I relate to this song a lot because one of my best friends is a cheerleader and she is skinny and beautiful but people say i am also skinny and beautiful and my friend is making me try out for cheerleading but next to her i feel like the girl next door. She can do tons of flips and the only thing i can do is a somersault. the only thing i can do is sing better than her but i stink in public because i freeze up and my voice cracks.

i dont care what it means.. | Reviewer: marta
    ------ About the song Autumn & Me performed by Saving Jane

i love this song!!! my neices name is autumnskye and she is like my best friend but she lives across the country from me and we only get to spend summers together. so even if this song is really about lesbians i dont care because its so cute.

THIS SONG HELP OUT PEOPLE ALOT | Reviewer: simple ashley
    ------ About the song Girl Next Door performed by Saving Jane

this song has help me though alot as a teenage through break up with guys and understanding why thing are the way they are why people are the way they are!! this song is the greatest song even when i was a teenage i would listen to this song none stop. and of course you got the populars and the so called dumb jocks yeah good thing i was never one cuz ive seen how theyve turned out and it is soo pretty at all!!
:D but further most this song makes me happy whenever i hear it!! :D

<3Love<3 | Reviewer: Autumn Starr Browning
    ------ About the song Autumn & Me performed by Saving Jane

My name is Autumn && I have a girl friend that deticated this song to me. So i absolutley LOVE this song ! Saving Jane your one of the best song writers that i know =]

Love it .

Love Autumn Starr <3

thanks | Reviewer: amy
    ------ About the song Imperfection performed by Saving Jane

thanks so much for making songs that every girl can relate to. this and "girl next door" make me feel so much better everytime I hear them. I'm the skinny prom queen that everyone loves and I have those moments where I think "oh she's better than me because she has better grades/more curves/etc. your music makes me feel like a 10. thanks

songs rocks | Reviewer: anoymous
    ------ About the song Girl Next Door performed by Saving Jane

I LOVE this song!!! Its been stuck in my head for three months. But I do not care cause this is such a good song!!!!!! Abd this song does really relate to what a lot of girls fo through the whole 'im just the girl next girl' and having to live with conceded girls!!!!!

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