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On their self-titled Virgin Records debut, Saving Abel
boast a cool, alt-rock, Southern-tinged sound that’s
instantly familiar and irresistible. With songs ranging
from the intense rocker “New Tattoo” to the sexy groove of
the first single, “Addicted,” the quintet from Corinth,
Mississippi are radio-ready.

Singer Jared Weeks and guitarist Jason Null met in late
2004, and by 2005 were recording acoustic demos with
producer Skidd Mills (12 Stones, Saliva, Submersed). Saving
Abel then moved into a more rock/electric direction with a More...

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Reviews about Saving Abel songs

You guys are both retarded | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Addicted performed by Saving Abel

If you don't like the song, then don't listen to it. Also you sound like a moronic teenager yourself "OMG DUM ASS POSERZ" "LISTEN 2 DREM THETER"

Dream Theater are good but you should not be so narrow minded as to compare a rock band to a progressive metal band. That is elitism in its most pure form. Just don't post if all you have to say is something stupid.

And the second person, LOL. Just relax. People don't always like the same music. You're not making yourself sound very intelligent either. "PS I MEAN IT >:O"

Anyway, this song is great and Saving Abel is pretty underrated. They have excellent lyrics and their music is good. I hope to see them get bigger and better through the years

OMG | Reviewer: Nightshade
    ------ About the song Addicted performed by Saving Abel

jesus fucking christ. this song is HORRIBLE! its so stupid! the song sucks ass, theirs no music to it, no art, jsut soem dumb ass who plays random power chords and a durmmer playing basic shit. and their singer makes me wanna stab myself in the ears. allt his song is, is two people gettign their fuck on, only dumb asses who cant get any would wanna lsiten to this. what sucks even more is how popular this song is amongst teenagers, no wonder why everyone in school is pregnant or has a fuckign black hole for a "downstairs". VETO. This is what causes a bunch of dumb ass posers.

you idiots wanna listen to GOOD music, listen to dream theater.

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