Saves the Day Lyrics

Saves The Day is:
Chris Conley - Vocals
Bryan Newman - Drums
Eben D'Amico - Bass
Ted Alexander - Guitar
David Soloway - Guitar

Saves the Day are a very young band, with an average age of
19 - and are winning over fans around the globe with their
melodic and powerful sound as well as their striking good
looks (not to mention their fantastic bio-writing
abilities). Saves the Day was formed in the winter of 1997,
and released their self-titled demo not long after. They
almost immediately began playing shows not only in their
home state More...

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Reviews about Saves the Day songs

Very catchy song! | Reviewer: Ian Buen
    ------ About the song Sell My Old Clothes, I'm Off To Heaven performed by Saves the Day

I heard this song once, I'm not sure from which station, anyway, Saves the Day beat it into my head!

Great song!
I love the part "What has he got that I don't have? Is it his brown eyes? Well I'll give you a thousand reasons that tonight, you should grant me this one wish..."

Kinda reminds me of someone in my life.

Anyways, I'll say it again, very catchy!

"If I could only see you now, for about an hour..." Loooooooove it!

helllllllooooo | Reviewer: matt
    ------ About the song This Is Not An Exit performed by Saves the Day

saves the day is good but i cant agree that they are the best band in the world hahah ... if i had to pick a band for that it has to be PEARL JAM babyyy

At your funeral | Reviewer: Joka
    ------ About the song At Your Funeral performed by Saves the Day

Recently I found the tabs and lyrics for this music and now I play it and it's so f")#% cool. But the thing is... I don't have a voice to sing... it's kinda sad... and so is this music... love stinks :) plur

it's not just for grieving... | Reviewer: Elena Hitomi
    ------ About the song At Your Funeral performed by Saves the Day

when i listen to this song, it reminds me of myself dying, not really about someone physically dying, and i dunno it's me dying but living again from that self-death. and this song is OLD darn where are they now? hahahaha

jezum | Reviewer: wesley
    ------ About the song When It Isn't Like It Should Be performed by Saves the Day

this song has such a beautiful lyrical value. i can relate so much to this song its not even funny. I think i had that exact conversation almost.

you all sound fabulouse. | Reviewer: Angel
    ------ About the song Through Being Cool performed by Saves the Day

you have a FAN FOR LIFE GOOD SOUND AND GOOD EYE CANDY YOU GUYES ARE GREAT!! rEQUESTED fALLEN aNGEL. Angel Massey 440-0081 Music is a god send and so is awsome looking guys like you. Thanks for the great music. a fan.Angel.......

STD ownssss | Reviewer: gt
    ------ About the song Rocks Tonic Juice Magic performed by Saves the Day

This is such a good song...not to mention some powerful lyrics. I know exactly how he felt when he wrote this song. To have a girl fuck with you and make you feel like shit all time sucks. This song is awsm and i sing it to the girl im dealing with just to see if she cares....peaceee guys

at your funeral i will sing... | Reviewer: cp
    ------ About the song At Your Funeral performed by Saves the Day

ive read many interpretations of this song and i have my own a little different from others. that just proves that this speaks to everyone who pays attention to it. what more could a band ask for. a beautiful song that lets you grieve for whatever you want.

Absolutely Fantastic! | Reviewer: tavsanli
    ------ About the song Ups and Downs performed by Saves the Day

I was in fact searching for songs to download.... whilst grabbing some of my faves, I browsed the host that had the songs I loved most & low and behold, I download this gorgeouse tune.... I thought it may have been from the Brisbane band Ups & Downs, shit, sounds like them anyway!! For lovers of this song I'd also recommend listening to some early Ups & Downs. It is a very lovable tune and sure that it won't disappoint listeners of good music.

All the best of success to them!

amazing song! A+++ | Reviewer: Nathan Hancock
    ------ About the song Certain Tragedy performed by Saves the Day

this song is so good; it's upbeat, it's got great lyrics, and I think it shows off the singer's singing talent more than some other songs.

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