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Saves The Day is:
Chris Conley - Vocals
Bryan Newman - Drums
Eben D'Amico - Bass
Ted Alexander - Guitar
David Soloway - Guitar

Saves the Day are a very young band, with an average age of 19 - and are winning over fans around the globe with their melodic and powerful sound as well as their striking good looks (not to mention their fantastic bio-writing abilities). Saves the Day was formed in the winter of 1997, and released their self-titled demo not long after. They almost immediately began playing shows not only in their home state of New Jersey, but up and down the east coast with some of hardcore and punk's biggest acts. With the August 1998 release of their Equal Vision Records debut LP "Can't Slow Down," and the two subsequent tours they did in support of it, Saves the Day were able to create a tremendous buzz about themselves, and have broken down some of the expectations of what a hardcore band must be. Finding lyrical inspiration in heartbreak, teenage insecurity, and the romance of youth, and musical inspiration as disparate as The Police, Lifetime, Dag Nasty and The Smiths. Saves the Day have found their own niche in an often limiting scene.

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Warped tour 2014 Chicago (Tinely park) | Reviewer: Melissa | 7/21/14

Had a great time. Used to see these guys a lot in my youth and its great to see they are still playing, and have gotten much better threw the years. I don't know what other band was playing where everyone ran off to but it was there loss it was great to be up close and personal without getting stomped on :)

PLEASE HELP | Reviewer: SOS | 8/11/07

If any of you reading this know the complete history of the band please help me. i need to know if someone named Andrew Blass was ever a member of the band. Also, what is his or Saves the Day's relationship to a band called Take These Eyes?

This involves the trust of a very close friend and i pray someone can give me some truth here.
Thank you

Saves The Day | Reviewer: nicolexcore<3 | 5/16/07

In a few words.
Amazing shows.
Amazing guys.
Amazing lyrics.
Amazing music.
Saves the Day is amazing.
Hands down.

That's all I have to say.

SAVES THE DAY!!! | Reviewer: audriana | 5/9/07

is amazing. by far my favorite band of all time. i saw them over the weekend and i think i had a stroke. much love guys.<333

The Art of Creativity is in Saves The Day | Reviewer: Kyle K | 1/15/05

Hi, i'm from Cleveland, I'm in high school and I have band AND I have to say the most inspiring band out there is Saves The Day. There is no band even close to them in the department of lyrics. Some of the harmonizing octaves come across as origional and they have a way of formatting a song perfectly to the mood and mix the light with the hardrock nicely. If you're a musician and you like to explore all dephts of good music check out Saves The Day

rules | Reviewer: danny | 11/30/04

saves the day hits every emotion in their lyrics and are incredibly musicaly talented, they rule, no question

The best | Reviewer: Kris | 9/16/04

Saves the Day is no doubt one of the best bands out there. With 6 albums out now their music is still unbelievable. Their sound is amazing. STD ROCKS!

Amazing | Reviewer: Jenny | 9/6/04

I listen to you guys every day and every day i'm blown away. The great clash of the music/lyrics/voice is simply amazing. It's wonderfully put together music that really gets me through the day. Thank you for everything! Rock on.

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