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Senses Fail Save Yourself Lyrics

Last updated: 06/08/2011 11:00:00 AM

Turn out the light.
Just say goodnight
to yourself.
May I remind you,
when you find
you're all alone's when you,
you've got to be strong.
Thats when they call you in the night.
He's got your picture in his mind.
He's got your number on a paper
at his disposal anytime.

Is it really true?
Could you save yourself
for someone who
could love you for you?
So many times we just give it away
to someone who, someone who...

You met in a bar
in the back of a car
and for a moment
you felt important
but not in your heart.
'Cause my self esteem,
its been low
go ahead and count, its been lower than low
And I know the feeling of it stealing
life out from under me.

...cause i wanna learn

how you save yourself
for someone who
could love you for you!
So many times we just give it away
to someone who
couldn't even remember your name
Could you save yourself
for someone who
loves you for you
and loves me for me?
We give it away to someone who
someone who'd cherish your name.

'Cause I wanna learn
how you save yourself
for someone who
loves you for you?

so many time we just give it away to someone who,
someone who'd cherish your name
cherish your name.

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Why is there an argument? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/11

I have checked discographies of both bands. It is by Sense Field, track 2 on the Tonight and Forever album. Took me a whole 5 minutes to figure that out. About the song, hopelessly over-emotional but a good concept. Lol, people take this stuff too seriously.

downloading | Reviewer: brandon | 3/23/11

These mistakes happen when people who upload music go "hey, this band is popular, and I want to show people another band" and change the artist name. Then there are people who download it, look it up, and find out the real band if they like it. That's how it works. There are also, unfortunately, people stupid enough to think that the song really IS by senses fail, don't bother to listen, and then these lyrics pages come up. Buteither way, it gets people who downloaded that track to learn about another band.

An idjit or a troll if you deny my logic; Not Senses Fail | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/11

This song is not by Senses Fail at all... I honestly don't know who the hell 'Sense Field' is. but 'Senses Fail' is one of my favorite bands and I can easily say, with confidence that this song's not by Senses Fail.

If you think this is Senses Fail, then you've obviously never listened to them in your entire life... as this is no where near the voice of their singer.

It's pretty obvious that whoever put this on here as Senses Fail saw the words "Sense Field" and assumed it was just a typo and put Senses Fail. In pronunciation and spelling they're both similar.

And, lastly; if you still want to deny that there's any chance at all of it NOT being Senses Fail then go look through each of their albums yourself... at good old wikipedia:

Well.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/10

Who cares who the song is by?
Maybe it's Senses Fail doing a cover of the song by Sense Field.
Or maybe it is Sense Fail, why does it matter so much who sings it and who doesn't?
It's a beautiful song with a deep meaning. Which you hardly see nowadays.
So why argue about it? Why not just absorb the meaning?

I'm just saying, that's how I look at it.

band confusion | Reviewer: confusion | 1/23/08

this song has been taken credit for by more than these2 bands so im guessing its been covered by some other bands cuz its such a good song personaly i herd about it thru senses fail

Sensefield! | Reviewer: *stargirl* | 10/21/07

this song is by sensefield! If it is by senses fail thenwhy the hell does it come up with sensefield when you search for it? such a beautiful sonG!

Beautiful | Reviewer: Arlene | 8/31/07

this song is beautifull beyond compare.
And it's by senses field. On the Tonight And Forever Album.
Go look it up if you don't believe meee

bleh | Reviewer: livvster | 8/21/07

NO it is by SENSES FAIL...and yes screamo bands can do soft songs too! and also it says "someone who'd cherish your name" not "you"

THIS IS NOT BY SENSES FAIL | Reviewer: Amy | 8/18/07

It doesn't even sound like senses Fail, The lead singers voice of senses fail is nothing compared to Sense Field.


Senses fail wouldn't do a song as soft as this, they're screamo.

Band name | Reviewer: Kayle | 5/13/07

hurry up and change the name of the band cause its not giving senses field any credit