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So go on
And I will refrain
And I'll keep on running this neverending race
Well maybe next time will be the right time
And maybe next time will be your time

So save your scissors
For someone else's skin
My surface is so tough
i dont think the blade will dig in save your strength save your wasted time theres no way that i want you to be left behind
go on and save your scissors
save your scissors

So why does it always seem
That every time I turn around
Somebody falls in love with me
This has never been my sole intention
And I have never claimed
to have patents on such inventions

Just save your scissors
For someone else's skin
My surface is so tough
I don't think the blade will dig in
Save your strength
Save your wasted time
There's no way that I want you to be left behind
Go on save your scissors
Save your scissors

There is something that I must confess to you tonight
To you tonight
And that is I expect nothing less from you tonight
From you tonight

Go on save your scissors
Save your scissors
Save your scissors

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love Dallas and his lyrics | Reviewer: Brenda | 11/4/12

My son introduced me to this group. Ever since I have loved to listen to Dallas Greene, anything he does is awesome, his voice touches me in my heart. It is a beautiful song no matter what its about. , a good writer and musician which is what he is, can reach many fans and it affects them each differently, kinda sad and reflective thats where its at these days.. xo peace out

DG | Reviewer: Ted | 10/11/09

Haha, thanks to the guy who said that city and colour thing - very clever, I didn't even notice that :).

People will have their opinions on the song though, some people are stupid, some people aren't, it's just that way... there really only is one meaning the artist intended for it, and that's the right one, but if people want to make a mental olympics of it, then sure, let your imagination run a muck.

lol.. | Reviewer: Ross | 9/21/09

The song is about a guy who breaks people's hearts without realizing. He's telling them to save their scissors for a guy who is worth crying over. He says girls are always falling in love with him, even though he doesn't claim to have any part in it. Nothing to do with cutting yourself, getting broken up with, feeling heart broken.

interpretation | Reviewer: alexis | 3/1/09

for me? its like the guy is telling the girl to not waste her time falling in love with him. Because he can't offer her more than a friendship/. save your scissors is like (save your life or heart).. "i dont think the blade will dig in" its like how ever she love him more the guy will not feel it because he have no feelings for the girl. his just telling her to find someone that will love her back.

ok lets face it | Reviewer: ashlee | 2/25/09

this song doesn't sound at all like someone's cutting themself it really doesn't
it helps me realise that you can be so strong and you can't be cut by love and heartbreak
but when you can't be broken it becomes hard to love again
i think people should have there own opinion on songs because every song means something different to everyone dallas green makes me smile his music keeps me real and chilled
he might be hard to understand to some but to me his words mean much:)

Perfect. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/08

I thank everyone that reviewed this song that actually knew what they were talking about.


I think Dallas Green is wonderful. His voice is Beautiful. He is good at everything he does. :)

wrong interpretation | Reviewer: justin | 7/9/08

this song may seem like its about cutting and suicide, but im friends with dallas, and i actually asked him about it.

this has to do with a girl that he just cant be with anymore. save your scissors for someone elses skin...

basically hes not taking this girl's crap anymore.

read the lyrics again with this in your head, lol.

but i do know of many people its helped with hard times.


... | Reviewer: Chelsea | 4/14/08

Honestly... just let people take the song the way they want to take it. Isn't that what music is all about?

It could be about relationships or it could be about physically cutting yourself... who knows, other than the writer?

hi | Reviewer: | 2/29/08

Once again people and there stories ruin a beautifful song. This song to me is about losing love but knowing your stronger. Its about feeling all the pain at once and being able to it im stronger and its like u predicted it all along. there is something I must you tonight...nothing know your better off...the person doing the cutting of your world is less

scissors | Reviewer: mr.b | 2/2/08

this song is clearly not about cutting yourself. it's about him telling someone that a relationship won't work. i think he uses the term scissors like something about cutting her out of his life, or vice versa. and when he says, "my surface is so tough i don't think the blade will dig in" he's saying he's hardened, and that he isn't good at relationships. IT'S NOT ABOUT BEING EMO!!!

best song | Reviewer: mere | 1/23/08

save your scissors is my favorite song! my brother introduced me too it last year sometime.. i have been listening to Dallas Green ever since. My friends are just now getting into it, but its annoying cause they say they know about it. I'm like no haha i do sorry guys. anyway its a beautiful song and his voice is amazing!

To the person who wrote to "the douch at the top pf the page" | Reviewer: ??? | 1/4/08

So to the dude who thinks he knows everything... Dallas Green IS city and color... not IN city and color.. get it... City (Dallas) and Color (green).. if your gonna comment you should at least know what you're talking about ..
oh ya... this song is great!

emo? | Reviewer: b smoke | 12/7/07

some might say this song is emo. some might say everything light and pop punk is emo.. well some is..(ha) but really its all about expression.. i thought alexisonfire was quite heavy.. so i turned to this stuff.. im going to learn how to sing and play so i can learn these tunes and show off my voice. im easily influenced but this stuff is good

I love it ! | Reviewer: Kiesha | 10/9/07

Im really bad at cutting my rist. One day my mom and my family and friends had an interventsion because i was cutting . One time i cut soo deep i past out . and i had to go to the hospital and get 200 stiches in my rist. When i got home my mom played this song for me when we were going through the whole intervenstion thing. and ever since i learned my lesson . I swear all those scares are ur mistakes. and what ur afriad and wut your not afriad of. Its not worth ur time. The song might not be emo . But what ever its a good song. just telling u dont ever think ur not worth anything . Because u are. Even if ur the uglyest fatest gayest thing on earth . your still a person . And a person i no would never do anything like that. Im not saying i know u . but still think about it . and Save your scissors. please for the fucking sake of me and ur family . do it!. Dont do the cutting of the rist. !

Kenniesha Nerpin

Great song! | Reviewer: Jeremy | 10/5/07

I live 15 minutes from St. Catharines (where Dallas Green and Alexisonfire are from.) I love Alexisonfire, but I also love Dallas Green's solo album. His voice is amazing, and he's a great guitar player too.

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