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Red Hot Chili Peppers Save This Lady Lyrics

Last updated: 07/06/2008 11:00:00 AM

I got more love than anything else
But a Jezebel spirit gonna steal my health
Struck by the notion that it just might be
A method to the madness that i cannot see

Something for the freedom of a roughed-up soul
For the two Years Young is a little bit old
Born named sue sing a Tennessee tune
Got buffalo love living on the moon

Save this lady for me (x4)

Call me Alabama i'm a Seminole prize
Got time square hair and a bedroom eyes
Keystone cops and the billy bob chops
Gonna scare my kids gonna share my crops

Vampire blood and a baseball glove
Justa a little bit of what the girl is made of
National crash into the big lampoon
With a creature coming up from the black lagoon

Save this lady for me (x4)

Losing ground true sounds of liberty
The forest of the north might hold the key

Rocking to the rhythm of a ragtime band
Black flag wave on on my truck my man
Blasting for jones and the great unknowns
Got cheap cologne seventy-six trombones

Looking for the lady that won't be afraid
When heaven needs a hammer gotta get things made
I got more love than anything else
But a Jezebel spirit gonna steal my health

Save this lady for me (x8)

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Fantastic | Reviewer: Kimberly | 7/1/2008

With every song that I hear, Anthony Kiedis's lyrical abilities just never fail to amaze me. He's definitely got some awesome skills. The intro to the song is just amazing, especially the guitar. The bass is jamming and rocking all throughout the song, in the famous Chili Peppers style, one of the reasons why I love them so much. And Chad is just amazing as always. Love this song!

Brilliant | Reviewer: leakeg | 8/5/2007

Great song, great base, great drums, great vocals, amazing guitar. Backwards guitar! Awesome!

Incredible | Reviewer: Justo | 7/18/2007

An amazing song.
I can believe i am hearing this!!!!
Love at first hear