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Matthew West Save A Place For Me Lyrics

Last updated: 05/25/2013 07:26:24 PM

matthew did u know?what the meaning of love.?they are talk but love /they are looking 4 love?but they are dont know wht mean of love..?love isnt comptition..but lof is to be feel..if u feel that lope u never ever get lose..ur heart had ful colour of love..u could slep its hard to cant take that ur eyes much talk 2 ur mind..just fantasi like a ghoest if u feel it love u alwyz faling dow wth ur love never forgeting..n hard to holding on... the feel of love is power colour of love... its times 4 love..
love is
love is
love is
love is

ya love is time
times is ur love
take ur time 4 love
coz just only time
capable of how great love is..

i love u baby..
take my time..
wth ur love..
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