Savatage Lyrics

The First 20 Years

1981 As Avatar, brothers Jon and Criss Oliva, drummer
Steve Wacholz and bassist Keith Collins build an
underground following in the band's home state, Florida.

1982 Avatar records two tracks for a compilation LP by
Florida radio station WYNF.

1983 Avatar releases the City Beneath The Surface EP,
now a collector's item. For legal reasons, Avatar changes
its name to Savatage and releases its debut album, Sirens.

1984 The Dungeons Are Calling is released. Savatage then
signs to Atlantic More...

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Review about Savatage songs
Hall of the Mountain King | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hall of the Mountain King performed by Savatage

The original Hall of the Mountain King is an amazing song composed by Edvard Grieg. Many orchestras have performed this suspenseful song. I think the lyrics of the Savatage site for Hall of the Mountain King really suit the story which is great to read about.

You will find this song on the"Streets" album by Savatage. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Believe performed by Savatage

I think it is my fave album! This was the song played @ our wedding as we were introduced. Still my favorite song ever. Jon Oliva has one of the most amazing voices in the music industry yet goes unknown & unheard of by most.

explanation about this amazing song | Reviewer: Stijn
    ------ About the song Chance performed by Savatage

I didn't listen for a long time to this song and I regret it! Amazing!
To Ahmed and Morgan : In the cd-booklet the lyrics say :
Who would be the witness
Should you chance to die

About the lyrics :
Chance is about Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat in Lithuania during world war II who defied government orders by signing exit visas for thousands of Jewish refugees - refugees who otherwise would have been send to concentration camps. The song examines his thoughts as people were lining up in front of the embassy. He had the chance to do the right thing, and he did.

great lyrics | Reviewer: Ken
    ------ About the song Believe performed by Savatage

those lyrics came up on a search for a song to send to my fiance' and i have to say they are the perfect lyrics. She is such the music lover that songs are the only way to get her to listen to any reason she needs to hear these where can i find the album

Love this song. | Reviewer: Morgan
    ------ About the song Chance performed by Savatage

First, to Ahmed - I think the line is "If you chance to die." Sounds to me like a death threat to whomever that 'voice' is referring to.

That aside, I absolutely love this song - definitely one of my top 5 favorite Savatage songs.

Maybe I'm reading a little too much into one line (Pictures at an exhibition played as he stood in his trance), but I looked up "Pictures At An Exhibition", which happens to be a suite by Mussorgsky, written for a close friend and artist Viktor Hartmann, who died suddenly at the age of 39. The suite was written with each part describing a different work of Hartmann's, honoring his work and mourning the loss of his friend before his time.

It seems to me like they included the reference to this suite to allude to Criss Oliva, certainly a formidable artist in his own field, being taken away too soon. This seems to make sense since this was the first album created after Criss's death, and a lot of the album is sort of about that.

white witch | Reviewer: adam
    ------ About the song White Witch performed by Savatage

this song is about cocaine. its talking about how fast and easily it can take over your life and if you let it in it more than likely will. i know that this is about cocaine because, believe it or not, my dad sold drugs to them in brandon fl when they were still playing in bars as avatar. him and one of his friends are included in one of their songs on Streets: A Rock Opera. the line says, "and spock and kirk have had enough. theres no one left to beat me up." my dad was kirk. his friend was spock. the message is, all it takes is one time and the deadliest of whores "cocaine" will take over your life.

jon and zach | Reviewer: Adam
    ------ About the song Gutter Ballet performed by Savatage

Sorry to all Zach fans but he kinda ruined just about every Savatage song that Jon sings. Zach is a great vocalist but he can't hang with Jons insane high pitch screams. The only other person that i can compare to Jon is Tobias Sammet from Edguy and Avantasia. If Tobias would've taken Jons place instead of Zach plus Tobias and Jon singing together live would make an epic band. More epic than what Savatage already is. And it doesnt get much more epic than that.

A STORY OF A ROCK STAR | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song When the Crowds Are Gone performed by Savatage

hmm..............this is all about a rock stars life......
feeling the spot lights, having desire to live bellow them..................
the excellence in the buzzing sound of the crowd............
all over i think this is the best song of this context ...................

a disaster | Reviewer: Jarf:P
    ------ About the song When the Crowds Are Gone performed by Savatage

this over here, is an amazing, moving, extremly emotional songs(th lyrics), ,of course wth a great guitars by criss nd jon's voice sounds great, but as many many other Savatage's masterpieces its not really know, i thing savatage is one of th world's most under-rated bands ever!!
P.S. if anyone tried to listen to it live from th album ghost in th ruins s/he wont be disappointed!!

Perfect!!! | Reviewer: Lorhan
    ------ About the song Handful of Rain performed by Savatage

These guys are experts in expressing the kind of things you only know if you see... Everybody, even if has never drunk (the song is about alcohol...) could understand what passes in the mind of someone drowning his sufferings in a glass. Every man knows how it is, however... but the song touches you the same way...

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