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Okkervil River Savannah Smiles Lyrics

Last updated: 12/25/2007 11:00:00 AM

Midnight late last week. my daughter's diary. Didn't know what it might be until it was open. I only read one page and then put it away. Talk about your big mistakes - hey Shan, nice going.

Photos show no tears in her eyes. All those pretty years gone by I just cannot believe could do that to a child.

Shannon just flew down. Four days back in town. She sleeps in, lies around, and then she goes out, and then one day she's gone. What should I have done? Joe turns the TV on with all the lights out.

Photos on the wall - she's my baby, she's my baby doll. Is she someone I don't know at all? Is she someone I betrayed? It's a grey day in the fall, and the radio's singing down the hall, and I rise to turn it off and all I'm seeing is her face, age eight.
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