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Australian pop duo Savage Garden formed in Brisbane at the
end of 1996, their name inspired by fantasy author Anne
Rice's term for the savage and isolated world of vampires.
Within nine months of formation they had attained two
domestic hit singles ("I Want You" and "Halfway To The
Moon"). This achievement came without the benefit of any
live performances or even promotional interviews. Their
sudden popularity became a global phenomenon when "I Want
You", officially the biggest-selling Australian single of
1996, became an More...

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Review about Savage Garden songs
exactly like my love story | Reviewer: Bibiana
    ------ About the song I Knew I Loved You performed by Savage Garden

I think Savage Garden sang about my love story! By the way, I'm able to listen to this song cos of my boyfriend. He asked me to listen to it. As soon as i heard this song, i just realized it's about my life! What a coincidence! Love you so much UU <3

    ------ About the song I Knew I Loved You performed by Savage Garden

It will make you very happy when you be in love with someone and never knew all about it and try a lot more and a lot better at it. As I was thinking all about it and try it very quickly as I can be or be very good at it and be a lot better at it and I never knew.

Maybe a little different | Reviewer: Vikki S.
    ------ About the song I Knew I Loved You performed by Savage Garden

Thia is different than the posts I have been reading, But to me this song is about my 2 baby boys. Travis and Trevor. I heard this song when I was pregnant and it instantly hit me that it was for my babies! Hope this doesn't sound weird but I am a very PROUD MOM! and I knew I loved you before I met you!

my inspiration | Reviewer: jejemario
    ------ About the song I Knew I Loved You performed by Savage Garden

i wanna share my story..i just broke up with my boyfriend last 3 months ago..i did not expect that one day someone will came into my life,and made make me fell that i can fell this feeling old friend of mine txted me until were both so close with each other that every single day we check each other and his been calling me,and because of that i cant help myself to fall for him coz he is so sweet so caring he has this kingd of sense of humor that makes my day so complete when were talikng on the phone he has ths joke that makes me laugh...hes telling me that he likes me,that sometimes i dont understand what it means but whatever it is the most important thing is that we enjoy each other we dicided to meet as soon i came home soon..
i wanna say i lke him too...

Love This song | Reviewer: Michelle
    ------ About the song Affirmation performed by Savage Garden

You know Danni, a lot of people can relate to a song like this. You're entitled to your opinion, but don't tell other people they're "living in a bubble" just because they can relate to it. I think this song touches on many profound points. "I believe the sun should never set upon an argument," basically saying, you should never go to bed angry or without saying I love you, because you never know what can happen and if you'll see that person again come the morning. So yes, have your opinion, but don't bash others for it. Thanks :)

Sar Sakada, Chheav Rachna, and Toun Socheata: | Reviewer: Dara Pichvirackboth
    ------ About the song I Knew I Loved You performed by Savage Garden

I hope you all will find this review one day, and this is the hardest moment in my life. I feel the pain, and I just can't control it,and this is the reason why I've decided to put one more review here. Sakada! I don't really know clearly whether or not I love you. Anyway, I still feel something so significant about you. You are so smart, your voice is so sweat, and I still remember any piece of moment we spent together as classmates. Now I feel surprised for your successes. Please keep it, and hope you can find a better guy better than me. Rachna! You are also a good lady. Whenever I stay by you, I feel happy as you always make me laugh and smile.There is something that never work out between us two. Hope one day, you can meet a right person. I can just be your friend,and I'll be always ready to help you whenever you need me. This is what I can do for you. Then , Toun Socheata, a medical student in Cambodia. Sometimes, I don't really understand what I am thinking about. Do I really love you? I don't know. I think I will never answer this question until I become an economic independent. Socheata! I know that you are still furious with me, still hate me, but I just want to tell you that I'm so sorry. You do hurt me so badly. I still keep your photos, still want to talk to you, still want to know more about you. Socheata! Sometimes I really want to do something upon my feeling, but I just can't. Whenever you are absent from the class, I am upset. I really want to see you come to the class everyday, want to hear your voice every time. I know this is crazy to write something like this, but I think it is the best way to release the stress I have. Socheata! Now you are the only one lady I think all day and night..You understand that?
I really want a chance from you. Then I'll show you everything about me before you chose someone to be your man for the rest of your life..I am so sorry!

Nothing to correct. | Reviewer: Yvette Avonda Rose
    ------ About the song Truly Madly Deeply performed by Savage Garden

Love this Song.
This song is the most romantic song I have ever heard. The way in which it has been performed and sang, fits every word. The movements within each person in the group says it all. Dancing to this song on your wedding day would be very nice indeed.
Yvette XX.

    ------ About the song Affirmation performed by Savage Garden

I believe you have born to give us best entertainment
I believe you can sing a song with lots of pain
I believe you have make us feel that how we can make the eirth better place
I believe you deserve our love again again

Love you so much !!!!!!!

Its really crazy | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Knew I Loved You performed by Savage Garden

I love this song and wen i first listened to it i thot twaz crazy...until abt a month ago i startd talkin with the brother of my frends boyfrend..and suprsingly its been a month and ive nevr met him just seeing his pictures only weve fallen so much inlove just thru tokn over the tyms wen his nt online i miss him so much and wen i tok to him i just feel so happy his like my bestfrend nw, we can tok to each other abt anythn and just by tokn to him i get to knw his character..sometyms he meks me so mad we yell at each other bt then we always apologise and evrythn goz bek to normal..wen u tell yo frends yu inlav with a man yuv nevr met bfo they wil say u ar crazy..he lives 5hours away frm my city and im hopin i get to meet him soon..

So Inspiring | Reviewer: Seke
    ------ About the song Affirmation performed by Savage Garden

I hav heard da song on several occasions! n I believe Savage Garden z ryt in hs lines...sum may nt apply 2 odas bt I believe he hit da nail on da head...the song z so inspiring!!

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