Savage Garden Albums

  • Affirmation Album (11/9/1999)
    Hold Me
    I Knew I Loved You
    The Best Thing
    Crash and Burn
    Chained To You
    The Animal Song
    The Lover After Me
    Two Beds and A Coffee Machine
    You Can Still Be Free
    Gunning Down Romance
    I Don't Know You Anymore

  • Savage Garden Album (4/15/1997)
    To the Moon and Back
    I Want You
    Truly Madly Deeply
    Tears of Pearls
    Carry On Dancing
    Break Me Shake Me
    A Thousand Words
    Santa Monica

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    TRULY, an album that MADDENS all very DEEPLY | Reviewer: Sameer Jindal
        ------ About the album Savage Garden performed by Savage Garden

    An excellent attempt by the band, this album has some gem of songs, the most reverberating and soothing of which is TRULY MADLY DEEPLY. One cannot help but just marvel at the wonderfully crafted lyrics which blend gorgeously with the amazingly calm and refreshing tunes. The quality of music also tells about the artist's deep sense and understanding of the minute details of music! TRULY, a MUST BUY!

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