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Australian pop duo Savage Garden formed in Brisbane at the end of 1996, their name inspired by fantasy author Anne Rice's term for the savage and isolated world of vampires. Within nine months of formation they had attained two domestic hit singles ("I Want You" and "Halfway To The Moon"). This achievement came without the benefit of any live performances or even promotional interviews. Their sudden popularity became a global phenomenon when "I Want You", officially the biggest-selling Australian single of 1996, became an international bestseller later in the year.

The duo, singer Darren Hayes and multi-instrumentalist Englishman Daniel Jones, met while playing in bar bands in Queensland in 1994. However, they elected to form a band more suited to their personal tastes - an amalgamation of influences including XTC and Peter Gabriel. A demo was sent to veteran manager John Woodruff (associated with Australian success stories including the Angels, Baby Animals and Diesel). He immediately signed them to his JDM record label.

Their self-titled debut album was recorded in Sydney in June 1996, with Hoodoo Gurus and Air Supply producer Charles Fischer at the helm. "I Want You" climbed to US number 4 in May 1997, and they enjoyed a huge transatlantic hit during the early months of 1998 with "Truly Madly Deeply", the single topping the US charts and spending several weeks in the UK Top 10. On the back of their singles success, Savage Garden rose to number 3 on the US album chart in April. The follow-up single, "To The Moon And Back", peaked at US number 24 in August 1998, but climbed to number 3 in the UK chart. The song had originally stalled at number 55 in February. The duo's follow-up, Affirmation, was recorded in the luxurious studios of San Francisco, and included the huge US chart-topper, "I Knew I Loved You".

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crash and burn | Reviewer: crashed and burn | 2/21/13

The song crash and burn means the world to me literly its all my feelings in a song. some days i feel like noones cares and others i dont care.believe me i crash,my feeling arnt easily kept inside all tje time eventually i burn. i crash and burn when im alone so noone can see. this song means the world tto me. Its everything i feel and it reminds me of myself. i wish i had someone tobreak my fall and fly away wiith. its an AMAZING song!!!!!! I<3 savage garden ......get back together soon! but i also know i got my bf that i can talk to

savage garden songs | Reviewer: taylor | 2/14/13

I LOVE you guys i like listen to ur songs everyday my favorites are to the moon and back,i want you truly madly deeply, tears of pearls,carryon break me shake me,i knew i loved you,lover after me ,hold me and crash and burn.i memorized about3of them and sing them all the te. i wish u wood get back to gether becuse im a really big fan and love ur muaic crash and burn is inspirational to me and when i feel tat way i know now im not alone and it helps get through the day so thanks plus its a god song i cant stop listening to the music and i love darrens voice

Truly Madly Deeply & I Knew I Loved You | Reviewer: Deanna | 6/20/12

Ok so you guys like really need 2 get back2hether bcuz my BF ply this song bcuz itwas true & get bck 2 him & when i lestened 2 it i LOVED IT & so i sais YES & then he told me 2 listen 2 I KNEW I LOED YOU & i loved i soooooooooo much tht i cryed.ME & MY BF HAS BEEN 2GETHER EVER SINCE & HE SINGS THESE 2 SNGS 2 ME EVERYNIGHT & SAYS THT HE LOVD ME MORE WITH EVERY BREATH HE TAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THNX SVAGE GARDEN U GUYS R TH BEST PLEASE GET BCK 2ETHERTHERE R STILL FANS OUT THERE CHERRING4 U GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LIKE ME & MY BF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Savage Garden | Reviewer: Araceli | 6/19/10

Savage Garden is one of the bands that touches my heart their song and lyrics in each song have a meaning they know how to put the words correctly and sing it like no other band i honestly love their music we need more of this one of the songs that is so amazing is universe, promises, santa monica, thousand words! their amazing.... hope they read this so they can know that their still fans out there cheering for them!


Intensely Great! | Reviewer: mzlavendeer1 | 11/23/09

To Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones: Please share your unique gift with us again. No two voices were ever more beautifully blended. Whatever it takes, get back together because we need you, the world needs your voices.

I Knew I Loved You | Reviewer: Leonie | 1/6/08

OMG I LOVE this song I don't know why but I love thwe music perhaps more than the words...(I even walked down the aisle at my wedding to it and Truly Madly Deeply was our bridal waltz)this song is the reason my husband and I met.I LOVE Savage Garden SOOO much THANX SOOO MUCH for wat you've unknowingly done!:)

Affirmation | Reviewer: Jake | 12/5/07

OMG.......This song rocks.Savage Garden i don't know where u got the words for this song from but i just can't get enough of it.I LOVE IT and i listen to it morning,afternoon and when i go to sleep.Hope u guys get back together soon and produce more great song such as this one.Am looking foward to them.U GUYS ROCK..............

Savage Garden | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/07

Omg! I accidently downlaoded their song "Cherry Cola" one day and it went from there!! They rock man!!! They should get back together

truly madly deeply | Reviewer: valerie | 6/19/07

i love the song that u did (truly madly deeply)i listen to it every day and i just wanted to say i LOVE YOU!!!

amazing songs!!! | Reviewer: strawberry** | 5/25/07

savage garden is SOOOO amazing!! seriously..weird or not, i totally love the animal song..and truly madly deeply and..shake me brake me.. and crash and burn and ...omg i love ALL their songs!!!

My everloving singer | Reviewer: Lelum Lilantha | 6/22/06

I have been listening to Savage Garden in the past too, but I didn`t see any speciality in him, but today as whom doing music and playing band I am very interested in Savage Garden. Actually, I not only intrested in him, I am worshiping him as a good singer. He has an incomparable voice unlike others. My first and main destiny destination is to a good singer like Savage Garden. His way of presenting views, and I like his song Darkness, his melodies are great.
I wish him all the success for his future creations.

Savage Garden | Reviewer: Lil' Swish | 1/20/06

Man, I have been listening to this band since they came out in '96. I was 4! So far I have all thier cd's including Darren's solo album. Someone needs to tell them to ge back together.

I Knew I Loved You | Reviewer: Denise Aza | 6/3/05

I Just Love That Song ,it's so nice ,Savage Garden sing it so nice.

very good for me | Reviewer: Klarisa Alyce Casao | 4/13/05

I love savage garden with everything i have. they are my absolute favorite.

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