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At the turn of the year 1991/1992 black metal still seems
to be unknown and non-existant to most people in Norway.
Meanwhile, Norwegian underground activity is extensive. One
of the very active and ambitious bands bears the name
Satyricon, and is known to most people in the scene,
although to ordinary people an absent phenomena. They make
some rehearsal tapes for their own use, and in order to
check response from others. That summer they record their
first official demo, self titled. Determined to establish a
name for themselves, More...

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Review about Satyricon songs
Demonic | Reviewer: Prakhar
    ------ About the song K.I.N.G. performed by Satyricon

A king is described having Bloodshot eyes, metal skin, Serpents tongue, dagger claws, Dragon wings and crooked horns. Too satanic, Isn't it?

The lines

"Upon high places
With their heads up high ... Dawn of gold - age of gods"
Show the present ruling of God on Earth, which the KING is climbing down to rule.

This is what I felt!!!

Heard This One A Few Years Ago. | Reviewer: Matthew
    ------ About the song Repined Bastard Nation performed by Satyricon

I actually heard this song used as an
entrance theme for St. Louis based wrestler
MsChif with SHIMMER Women Athletes which
she still uses to this day.The thing is it
is one of the scariest if not the scariest
entrance theme used in SHIMMER Women Athletes.

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