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Behemoth Satrspawn Lyrics

Last updated: 02/05/2003 01:59:15 AM

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I am thine own begotten, Dionysus.
Divine Mars, thou call'st me son.
And thou, Apollo, my begin gav'st me
That dream hath my mind inflamed
And everyone a star hath become.
My brothers and sisters in cosmic ectasy
Millions of sins and virtues were they
And all, the whole wealth of my life.
That neither the end nor the beginning had
I could bestow!

Star!!! Spawn!!!

Exploring our gracious flight, hiher,
We could make love to numberless stars,
With our tiny hand the world embrace.
Learn it and forget it, be begotten and die
Forever exist, only mightier and absolute
Myself am Solaris,
Universe and oneness,
Nothingness and chaos am I!
The last bow to thee, Earth, before
I ride a cosmic snake and devour the stars,
Before I become the beast
And no mortal man durst my magic defy!
Planet Satan, receive the eternal possessor!
Me for myself I ascend thee!!!
Me for the world!!!

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