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Sex Pistols Satellite Lyrics

Last updated: 07/13/2012 05:13:14 AM

A suburban kid and ya got no name
You're too dumb baby and ya got no brain
I bet you're all so happy in suburbian dream
But I'm only laughing
You ain't in my scheme

I love you

I only ever listen when you're on the phone
From your safely-restricted-zone home
When I got nothin' better to do
Then there's always you
You're good for my shoe

Hey babe
I love you

You look at me and you just can't tell
You're looking like you've just come out of hell
Acting like a dirty lavatory
There ain't no bid for your chastity

Hey Baby,
I love you

I'm in love
I'm really in love

Try and join the scene but you're too obscene
You're looking like a big, fat, pig-faced queen
How did you figure that you'd be any use
when all you're gonna get is my abuse?

Hey babe,
I love you

You know I don't like where you come from
It's just a satellite of London
And when you look me in the eye
Just remember: I wanna die

Hey babe
I love you

I can't take no more, just stop
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