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Kay Hanley Satellite Lyrics

Last updated: 07/24/2002 03:11:13 AM

the witness said its extraordinary
she should've listened when
you'll be soon dead and buried
i make a scene
you know what i mean
for cryin out loud
red cosmos pink
they all toasted you blind
i needed another drink
just to look you in the eye
cause i don't want you to go
i don't want you to go
i miss you already

blue salt water taffy
so don't ride down
to the biggest step
satellite i want you to be happy
if you smile for me we'll pretend like
you never left

i wish id tried to meet you at the airport
i wish that tonight the west was your last resort
but if i can keep the black coat
you can keep the blue clean coat?

i only want you to be happy and i know that i could make you happy
if you never left