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Uuuuggghh alright
Satan, my master
I slit my wrists to drain me of my blood
Satan, my master
Upside down I turn the cross of God
Satan, my master
Recieve this sacrifice this blood of mine
Satan, my master
I carve into my rotten flesh your signs
Satan, my master
Remember me when judgement day is near
Satan, my master
Take my hand when Armageddon's here

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seriously people | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/13

You need to stop fighting honestly its an awesome song and if you dont like it dont look it up fucking xhristians and its not to astonish the world or make you cower in fear its a belief just like god so why all the hate satanists look for power and freedom and christians go to Church to see if their sins are forgiven lol its stupid to trash beliefes yes so dont cuz its really lame and really if you dont like it dont look it up thats just dumb

stupid hipocrits | Reviewer: Fuckyoucristians | 4/20/13

Its just so amusing and unfathomable for me to see cristians looking at songs like this one.. and you just have to coment as if fans of Dimmu Borgir give a fuck what you have to say. Ok you're not satanic but then again other people are.. its a personal choice people make, i for one am satanist but its not like i do crazy rituals yet and besides satan stands for freedom something you cristians wouldn't know about and preaching about sinning is stupid cause youre a bunch of hipocrits that beg for forgiveness and then go and do the same things over and over.. have the decency to stfu

Typical Ignorance | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/11

Anton Lavey's "Satanic Bible" is not true Satanism. Lavey created a book on materialistic philosophy and the psychological need to practice religion. Anyone speaking on Satanism from having read Lavey's worthless gimmick paperback has no real knowledge of Theistic Satanism.

A Small Piece of My Mind | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/29/11

I'm noticing a lot of people are really dogmatic about their beliefs or their rejection of other beliefs. Nobody is doing themselves any good by trashing on other people and calling them idiots. Everyone who says they stand by one set of beliefs and trash someone else's beliefs in the same breath just makes what they themselves believe seem ignorant and militant.
As for Satan, it seems from what i can gather that Satanism, as displayed in The Book of Satan, is almost a basking in the humanness that is sin and depravity that makes us humans different than God. It seems to me that the being of Satan, Lucifer, was not concerned with freedom when he was thrown from heaven and led the fallen angels with him, what he wanted was power. Lucifer wasn't content below God in rank, so he devised a plan to become more powerful than God and disrupt the hierarchy in heaven so that he, Lucifer, would become the highest being in heaven. I dont think Satanism is about freedom, because we all have the freedom to be sinners, Satanism is a reflection of Lucifer's desire for ultimate power. And with Satanism, a person would have complete power over themselves by not being a victim to the sinful nature of humans. Instead, Satanism claims dominion over sin and chooses indulge in its corruption. I'm Christian so I think about Satan a lot, because he part of the history of my belief. I dont like when people dismiss Satan as just a pesky fly, or some evil tortured being that God didnt have time for. That attitude is a product of close-minded judgmental Christians so wrought with fear that they have to make excuses for why they are better than Satan instead of meditating on what they believe and actually analyzing what Satan is and what happened in heaven long before we humans ever existed. I think Satan hates humans because we were created in the image of God (imago dei), and Satan has to live with the absence of God that exists within himself. It seems like Satan wants to take souls from God because he knows God loves humans and despite their sin, God wants to forgive us but knows that we have to understand Him before we can be accepted into The Kingdom of Heaven. So if Satan can prevent humans from understanding God and rejecting Him, then he has won another soul over God. The opinion that Satan thinks he can beat God is ridiculous, Satan is very smart and he knows he will be defeated in the end, he just wants to cause as much damage in the mean time as possible by taking potential souls from God.
As for the song itself, I really enjoy it. I was surprised at how close it sounds the the original Bathory version, this one is a little bit crisper, but then again so is all modern black metal compared to 1st wavers like Venom or Bathory. The lyrics are good, they have a lot of fairly powerful imagery, the line 'remember me when Judgment Day is near', i can just picture someone standing in the wreckage of Armageddon waiting for Satan so come for them. I think the lyrics say all that needs to be said about this song, i don't think there's a deeper obscure meaning to this one, it's just a good, raw black metal song that is just begging to be head banged to.

Wow, really? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/11

So this is what music has come to? Just pathetic attempts at trying to astonish the world? LOL. Im a Christian, and this does not make me "cower in fear" as some may say. I just laugh at how stupid and pathetic this really is. How did these losers get a record deal?

answear to anonymous | Reviewer: BlaZe | 9/19/10

satan is freedom and doing what u want to do eh? freedom is gained by sacrificing ppl and shit? no man i don't think so.satanism is for evil hearted ppl and christianism is for awefully good hearted ppl.i am neither.i am a realist.i see what i see and feel what i feel.don't need a divine presence or chants to help me in difficult times.

OH PLEASE!!! | Reviewer: Darien | 7/23/10

Its a kick ass song, from a kick ass fucking band. I love the fantastic musical masterpieces from DIMMU BORGIR, they are not trying to "take over the world with their diabolical evil" they are simply, purposely trying to rebel and mock against u ignorant Christians, just to see ur priceless stupid reactions. so I laugh in all ur faces along with Dimmu, and im a Catholic young lady. even us catholics are tired of ur twisted shit.

Don't Hate | Reviewer: J | 7/14/10

It's funny how christians are so intolerant and hateful yet they can't stop having sex with little boys or cheating on their wives by having gay sex in bathrooms. They say one thing on Sunday or in front of their flock then do the exact opposite behind closed doors. Satan wants us to be happy. He is the original God whose story has been twisted by judeo-christians to control the masses. The truth is out there. jesus is a myth based on the ancient legends and he was just a human! Hail Satan!!!

Weak song | Reviewer: Caleb | 5/17/10

It's funny how weak the devil is. He has to invade peoples minds through music. I have all power and authority over him in the name of Jesus. He is not going to come against me, I do not fear him. The devil knows that he will lose against God, he knows he will be in hell forever, yet he still fights on anyways because he has convinced himself he will win. Devil, I rebuke you and all of your brainwashed people in the name of Jesus. I am going to help many people be lead to Christ. This is my calling as a christian. And there is nothing you can do to stop me because I have God's protection, so don't even bother =].

Satan My Master | Reviewer: Eli | 1/15/10

I love how everyone's reading so much into the simple lyrics and calling them trashy or funny. The point of the song is to look as such. Like Hymn for the Tortured said, there's nothing wrong with blatant blasphemy. Bands like Dimmu Borgir and Bathory aren't uneducated cult bafoons. If you see anything like this from them it's to mock the stereotypes surrounding Satantism and at the same time use them to make little bible thumpers cower when they hear their children bumping this shit haha. It's not lyrically brilliant and it's not supposed to be. It's simple, beautiful, and raw defiance.

Anonymus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/09

This song is pretty good,so are the lyrics.
Satanism isnt what most of the people think it is
to worship satan and blabla.Satan means Freedom and following ur instincts what u want to do.Freedom from christianity and its opressive god that forbids our human insticts for carnal lust which no man can avoid, among others . Satan is what drives you to "sin" to seek pleasure in things that christianity forbids .

Satan My Master!!! | Reviewer: Hymn For The Tortured | 10/11/08

So what if these lyrics are cheesy...

That's the point!! There's nothing wrong with pointless and blatant blasphemy here and there!

Quit looking into things so deep. I'm an atheist and sure...I think Satanism is stupid...but so what; it's just a fun song!

Heh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/08

Have the Dimmu Borgir Discography on my comp... Some of their song are interesting because they are difficult musically or make valid points if you read between the line's, but please... The concept of satanism by itself is an idiotic one. The true 'satanism' that emerged is the atheism depicted in the Devil's Bible. Shouting phrases such as 'HAIL SATAN' just makes you look idiotic, since Satan is a character from the best selling fictional book in the world...the bible... So in a sence by 'believing' in satan you're also agreeing with an existance of a higher lifeform and God. The song is quite entertaining.

wtf | Reviewer: Dark Satanic Blood | 2/13/08

Satan My Master is from Bathory... Dimmu just covered it. And I have to say they did a well job.
Hail Dimmu Borgir... and
" >< | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/2007

Oh my god - this song is unbelievable funny, because it's so trashig xD the lyrics are stupid, it's short and dump^^
But everytime i listen to it, i have to laugh :D "

You are stupid, shut up...

ASFGH | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/08

"Oh my god - this song is unbelievable funny, because it's so trashig xD the lyrics are stupid, it's short and dump^^
But everytime i listen to it, i have to laugh :D"


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