Sasha Albums

  • Surfin' On A Backbeat Album (3/1/2001)
    Blown Away
    Turn It Into Something Special
    One Look In Your Eyes
    Here She Comes Again
    Everybody Loves You
    On And On
    Let's Get Closer
    Just Have A Second Away
    Drive My Car
    Days Like These
    Why Does Everybody Hurt

  • ...You Album (11/1/2000)
    Let Me Be the One
    Love Is All Around
    Take Good Care
    Something Stupid's Going On
    Chemical Reaction
    Club C'est La Vie
    Pretty Thing
    Take My Hands
    Don't You Forget Me
    Owner of My Heart
    It Ain't That Bad
    Reach Inside

  • Dedicated To... Album (11/1/1998)
    If You Believe
    Don't Say Goodbye
    I Feel Lonely
    I'm Still Waitin'
    Keep On Runnin'
    Get Down (I Wanna Get Up)
    Lost In Your Blue Eyes
    Let Me Have You, Girl
    Right On Time
    We Can Leave the World

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