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SASHA LAZARD is rapidly becoming recognized as one of the
most innovative and extraordinary talents on the
international music scene. Together with producer Frank
Fitzpatrick and DJ Mark Raskin, she pioneered an exciting
new musical fusion of classical art songs, Russian folk
tunes and opera arias with contemporary electronic beats.
Even before signing with OmTown Music - a division of
Virgin - the alluring siren soared beyond her classical
roots to charm both classical devotees and dance-club
audiences alike.

An accomplished More...

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Beautiful Song | Reviewer: Mindy
    ------ About the song Princess Mononoke Theme Song (Mononoke Hime) performed by Sasha Lazard

I was just watching Princess Mononoke a few weeks ago, and I realised how beautiful the theme song was. I looked up who sang it, downloaded it on iTunes, and absolutely fell in love with it <3 I don't go a day without listening to it.

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