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SARGEIST was born during the summer of diabolical holocaust
1999 as a clandestine solo project of Shatraug. First
offering was captured at the Ruins of Cachtice entirely
performed by Shatraug himself. In the year 2000 Lord Volos,
the ex-drummer of BLUTRACHE, joined Shatraug and the first
ritual was re-assembled. Both manifestations were released
on Shatraug´s label Warmoon Records in a limited edition of
111 copies. In 2001 SARGEIST was enforced with Gorsedd
Marter and Makha Karn, both of them later turning out
traitors… With this More...

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One of their greatest songs... | Reviewer: Dominick
    ------ About the song Frowning, Existing performed by Sargeist

To me, Sargeist is the most beautifully wretched of Black Metal bands. The vocals are sounds of torment, without artifice. This song strikes many personal chords and stands as a definitive viewpoint from a truly disenfranchised individual.

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