Sarcofago Albums

  • Crust Album (12/4/2000)
    Sonic Images Of The New Millennium Decay
    Day Of The Dead
    F.O.M.B.M. (Fuck Off The Melodic Black Metal)

  • The Worst Album (9/27/1997)
    The Worst
    Army Of The Damned (The Prozac's Generation)
    God Bless The Whores
    Plunged In Blood
    Satanic Lust
    The Necrofiliac
    Shave Your Head

  • Hate Album (9/27/1994)
    Intro / Song For My Death
    Pact Of Cum
    The God's Faeces
    Satanic Terrorism
    Orgy Of Flies
    The Phantom
    Rhabdovirus (The Pitbull's Curse)
    Anal Vomit
    The Beggar's Uprising

  • The Laws Of Scourge Album (9/27/1991)
    The Laws Of Scourge
    Midnight Queen
    Screeches From The Silence
    Prelude To A Suicide
    The Black Vomit
    Secrets Of A Window
    Little Julie
    Crush, Kill, Destroy

  • Rotting Album (9/27/1989)
  • I.N.R.I. Album (4/20/1987)

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