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Full Name: Sarah Hope Slean
Sign/Age: Gemini, 22
Born/Raised: Pickering, Ontario
Started Writing: Age 9
First Instrument: Piano
First Album: Universe
Label: Made it herself
Fave Venues: Gordon Best, Peterborough & Holy Joe's,
Fave Color: Blue
Fave City: Toronto
Fave Place In Toronto: Kalendar's Patio
Fave Radio Station: None, but "CBC if there was a gun to my
Day or Night: Night
Fave Season: Fall

Sarah Hope Slean has dreamed of driving with J.D. Salinger,
lusted after cellists, had her version of "Julia" played More...

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Reviews about Sarah Slean songs

The same version (It's always been an instrumental) | Reviewer: Franco Ferrer
    ------ About the song Dark Room performed by Sarah Slean

This was the lyrics that were shown on the album; it's always been an instrumental. From the website (down, unfortunately):

"This is not a song. This is a poem that Sarah Slean wrote to accompany her string piece on the Night Bugs album (or vice versa)."

Nice Song, WRONG ARTIST! | Reviewer: Punk Faerie
    ------ About the song I Will Love You performed by Sarah Slean

This song is by a band called Fisher ( NOT Sarah Slean, whom I have seen live many times, and at her last concert here mentioned how people kept requesting this song despite the fact that she did not write it, nor does she sing it. If you are a Slean fan, you can tell the vocals are not hers. Meanwhile, the actual artist is not being credited. Please make this correction!

Okay. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song My Invitation performed by Sarah Slean

This song sounds really sad while listening, but when I searched for lyrics they seemed to surprise me. I confess that the only reason I seached for the lyrics is because I heard it on "Dawson's Creek". It was on the Anti-Prom episode, where Joey and Pacey are dancing. Anyway, I really thought the song sounded so amazing in the scene (I've watched it over 30 times this past weekend), but I think you have to have the right setting and mood to listen to the song, because in most cases, it'll make you really sad... instantly.

My fav song | Reviewer: Sssssshelby
    ------ About the song Lucky Me performed by Sarah Slean

Just the pitch and tune. gets stuck in da head i guess. 10/10 :D

Awsome Song | Reviewer: Julie
    ------ About the song Lucky Me performed by Sarah Slean

The song Lucky Me is totally cool. Sarah's style of music is a bit like Gwen from No Doubt. I find. her lyrics are pretty awsome too. :) Love it.

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