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Born on January 28th, 1968, Sarah McLachlan has reached a
level of artistic maturity that most artists take years to
attain. Since releasing Touch in the late 1980s, the
Halifax, Nova Scotia native has explored her own unique
musical interests, indifferent to current trends and fads.
McLachlan's intimate vocals and moody, evocative songs
convey a passionate honesty rarely found in most of today's

McLachlan studied classical guitar, piano and voice as a
child, and at the age of 17 was discovered by Nettwerk
Records at her More...

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Review about Sarah McLachlan songs
Love | Reviewer: Linet
    ------ About the song I Will Remember You performed by Sarah McLachlan

This reminds me of a man who am about to leave though we are in love. He have been my side lover for 4years and am about to get married. He is younger than me in its against our community beliefs to marry a younger man so our relationship have been a secret. I really love him.

My daughter lost love- we are preparing PL' s first year in heaven | Reviewer: Julie
    ------ About the song Wintersong performed by Sarah McLachlan

This song just reminds me so much of the past year my daughter has gone through. Her boyfriend PL lost his life in a long board accident last November at the age of 21. She anticipated Christmas last years. Snow and everything about winter reminds us of him. We miss him very much!

an absolute tear jerker | Reviewer: heidisue
    ------ About the song I Will Remember You performed by Sarah McLachlan

one of my best friends (and i can't claim to have many)passed away from cancer at a young age about 10 years ago and this song was played at her funeral. i still tear up whenever i hear this song as i still miss her very much.

emotional | Reviewer: CBO
    ------ About the song I Will Remember You performed by Sarah McLachlan

I remember listening to this right after my husband made the decision to move out and file for divorce. Probably could have handled it better had I had a little fore warning. My mother died suddenly a few months later, and he re-married his ex-wife. It wasn't a very good 7 month period of time for me. This song will always remind me of him.

Incorrect writer | Reviewer: Nici
    ------ About the song Good Enough performed by Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan wrote this song.

Brian McNight's "Good Enough" is a different song, the first lines of which are: "Neither one of us can get to sleep / 'Cause what's on your mind is what's on my mind."

Can admin please correct this?


Beautiful song!! | Reviewer: Horacio
    ------ About the song I Will Remember You performed by Sarah McLachlan

This song relates to me right now I have to let go the love ofmy life cis it would never work out cos of our different ways. I just wish if she will ever see this she would know I will always remember her and love her. I love you veronica!

Special best friend | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Wintersong performed by Sarah McLachlan

I heard this song the day after I found out an old friend had died. The lyrics truely sum him up and the way I remember he loved the snow and living every moment in the present. A beautiful, brilliant song

A beautiful song | Reviewer: jessica
    ------ About the song Angel performed by Sarah McLachlan

I just herd this three weeks ago and was hooked,i cant get it out of my mind,and i dint no the name of the song,but found it.
I also dint no it was about someone addiction,and died.
But what a beautiful song,and it could mean enything,to enyone.
And i will have it,at my funeral.

Touched my heart | Reviewer: Rita
    ------ About the song Full of Grace performed by Sarah McLachlan

My mother passed away in Dec. this song can relate to every obstacle she had to endure before she died. Listening to it is so helping me get through my grieving process. Sarah has such an angelic voice and her music is good for the soul. Thank you, Rita

Do what you have to do | Reviewer: Injun Joe
    ------ About the song Do What You Have To Do performed by Sarah McLachlan

A woman I have been seeing sent this song to me saying I could relate to it. I can. It spells out her feelings of love for me exactly like the song says. Since I just lost my wife of 32 years to cancer I can not say I love her but she doesn't get it. Thus she identifies with this "un-love" song. Thanks for nothing Sarah.

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